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Have you ever been in a car accident?

by Vee (follow)
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smashed headlight
Image by wallyir. Sourced from Morguefile.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I smashed a side mirror reversing out of my garage. A two second lapse in concentration shattered my mirror and my nerves for the rest of the day. Don’t get me wrong, it could have been worse, but it did get me thinking.

Have you ever been in a car accident? Were you at fault or was it somebody else’s?

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Top Answers
Yes but thankfully only in minor accidents. I was hit by a car once but could walk away.
by Gia
Were you in a car?
by Vee
I've never been in an accident, although I have ridden up the curb before. Makes an awful, crunching noise and you know only your distraction is to blame!
The occasional small bump that has done a bit of cosmetic damage, but nothing ever serious. It don't drive, so have always been the passenger. In each case it was the other driver that was at fault.
Had one 2 weeks ago, young P Plate guy hit me, I asked him did he know what the 'P' stood for.
He said 'Provisional'.
I told him No
It stands for 'Pathetic' !
Oh my gosh, jonaj. Was he being an idiot?
by Vee
not sure...maybe just a bit of bad driving. :(
by jonaja
Oh dear, sounds a bit harsh, lol.
by Vee
I also grabbed his P plate off his car and tossed it.
He had to go get it.
He needed to have a wake up call.Could have been a young Mum and Baby
who he hit.I don't believe anyone should have a licence till 21.
I have seen horrific things, with young people and accidents.
by jonaja
I've been in a few crashes, always in winter. I flipped my first car when I was 19 after sliding through some slush on the road, I lost it on some ice in my first new car when I was 24 which did about 3 grand worth of damage to the front fender and my last accident was almost 5 years ago, I was driving an F-150, lost it on some ice again and t-boned a Hummer. Neither myself, nor the driver of the Hummer were seriously injured, we were both really lucky.
Wow Damien, that's pretty insane. You were lucky. I hope your insurance covered the damages.
by Vee
They did, but since I lost control first, the crash was deemed my fault. The poor guy I hit had only owned the Hummer a few months, he bought it after crashing his own F-150 only a few months prior.
Oh no! That must've sucked for your both, but for him especially.
by Vee
Yes I have. I car broke through the stop light and slammed into the car door I was sitting at. I was in disbelief more than anything else. That was the first time I've ever been so close to death in all my memory.
Far out. My husband had a similar experience. He too said shock was what hit him first.
by Vee
Lol - I ripped a mirror of my Dad's car too when I was still learning. That was a costly mistake. Have been driving a while and sadly hit a couple of times. Not fun at all. Once was on a freeway and my friend was driving. We hit a car coming the other way. We were so lucky all of us made it out alive.

Oh gosh. Hey, now I don't feel so bad. But, to be fair, I'm not learning lol.
by Vee
Nasty question, Vee -once
by Finy
Why is it a nasty question, Finy?
It's asked hundreds' of times a day by various official channels!
Is it too 'close to the bone' for you, & brings back a horrible circumstance? If so, that's what's nasty...... memories', NOT the asking of the question!
by donjo
Yes. Long story, but nobody hurt in any way.
Was not caused by me.
One & only, touch wood!
Not of my own but I was with my dad when a car went through a stop sign and ploughed into us. I was 14 and it scared me so badly I wandered off. Somehow I ended up at a friend's place and her parents took me home. I must have been in shock I suppose. I only remember the awful noise of it. We were both unharmed as he hit just behind the driver's door. Phew.
by Rice
We were driving to a friends one New Years Eve for dinner at her place in Surrey Hills from the Shire. We were nearly there, going through a big intersection, when a mother & daughter (who were talking to each other) didn't see the red stop light 'up in the air' They hit my husbands side of the car, then a yellow car on my side couldn't stop in time, & hit my side. I could see it coming, so tried my move my feet out of the way, but still hurt my left ankle. My husband was ok, so was our daughter in the back seat. It was like slow motion, with1 & 2 cent coins flying everywhere, from the section between the 2 front seats. All 3 cars were right- offs. Our tow-truck driver took us around the corner to our friends house, as I could hardly walk. It was, 1130pm by this time. Our friends were wondering why we were so late. When they found out about the accident they were fussy over us, & made me drink some brandy! (Yuk) We stayed the night at my mother's house, because she was also at the party. (My foot stopped hurting 3/4 weeks alter) I can still remember what I wore that evening, even though it was about 22-24 years ago.
by Miro
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