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Have you ever been fined with a parking ticket?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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Have you ever been fined with a parking ticket? How much was it? How did you get it?

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Top Answers
I have had one, years ago and I think it was about $30 dollars or so.Might have been more not really sure. Clearly it was enough to motivate me not to get another one!
You haven't lived, if you haven't had a parking ticket!!

I miss read a sign once, was in a hurry....Second time, I was shopping.
Both (I think?) were about $85? or there about's.... too long ago, to really remember.
Never had one since.

Yes a couple of times when I was younger and took "chances" by parking in places where I wasn't supposed to. Recently, we were fined again for parking in the wrong spot, but this time it was because we didn't read the signs properly. It was $120 which I think was too much.
I haven't been fined with a parking ticket. I try and park in the right area all the time. They can certainly add up!
No I have'nt
Once years ago when my local area had changed from having different rules on a public holiday to treating public holidays like any
other day. I misread the sign, assuming because it
was a public holiday it would be fine, and got
slugged with a $120 fine. Now I make very certain I read those signs carefully.

Unfortanately, I have. $80. I'm not so sure it was worth it.
by Vee
Never .. in 52 years of driving! Nor a speeding fine or accident either!
But as the old saying goes 'have you caused any?' Lol!
by donjo
Yes, but I fought it and won. Signage was inadequate.
Once. It was $33. The sign was hidden by a tree branch.
No, as I always go to a Car Park facility. Much cheaper than being fined! It also is secure & one doesn't get wet if it's raining. It's also out of the sun.
Yes, 3 times in my 48 years of driving. Not deliberating, just didn't pay attention to the signs. Do now!
Yes twice. I had just gotten my license and was looking for a park to a market. I found an empty space near a fire hydrant. I wasn't aware that it was for the fire brigade and the second was when I picked up my daughter from school. I parked in a no parking zone hidden by a tree. Both fines were about $35 or more. Can't remember it was so long ago
Yes. My darling grandmother was dying at her aged care facility when my son was in an accident on his bicycle and at Accident and Emergency a few blocks away. It was a trying time as you can understand. I also had a medical appointment I couldn't postpone at a third facility. I parked within walking distance of the hospital but where there were no other cars. I misunderstood the signage and stayed too long. There was no information on the ticket about how to appeal which I thought odd, but didn't mention when I paid. Fortunately someone else mentioned it and becauseof this the local council had to refund EVERYONE'S fines.
I have had a parking ticket, right outside my son's school.
I have been given a parking ticket outside my son's school, I approached my car and he was happily writing it out, I didn't realize it was a no parking zone.
I was in a hospital precinct and thought that the place where I parked was OK. I had my dog in the car and it was in the shade which was important. i got out of the car and took my dog for a 15 minute walk and got back to find a ticket on the car. The crumb must have seen me walk away and waited till I was out of sight then tickets me. What happened to the days where the grey ghosts tapped you on the shoulder and told you that you could not park there BEFORE fining you, instead of seeing you as a means to fill their quota
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