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Have you ever been awake for longer than 24 hours?

by Vee (follow)
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I once, and only once, pulled an ‘all-nighter’ at high school. The experience took its toll – I was awake for at least thirty-one consecutive hours. I thought I was going to lose my mind.

Have you ever been awake for longer than 24 consecutive hours? If so, why and how did it make you feel?

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Top Answers
Yes, I've been awake for 48 hours before. That was on sleepover. Another time was about 36 hours, when I was reading the final Harry Potter book straight through.
I have done about 26 hours.
I remember, because it was a couple of hours....passed the 24 hr mark.
I was 16 at the time, but at home.
That was due to stress...I do remember going to sleep straight away after.
They say if you are sleep deprived it can make you a tad crazy.
I don't want to ever do it again too.
A few times I have, yes. Having babies will keep you awake, going to bush parties has kept me up for quite a while. I prefer sleep though.
Bush parties? LOL.
by Vee
Yes many a time. I think my longest was about 60-70hours straight, and it would have been either when I was in the Army or when my daughter was born.

Two days before my daughter was due, I pulled an all-nighter at the office because I wanted to get everything out of the way before the birth so I could spend a good couple of weeks straight with my wife and daughter (so that was 34hrs with a shower & change in the middle).

Then just as I got home, my wife opened the door to tell me her waters had broken (i.e. a day early) so I had a shower and then we made our way to the hospital, where she was in labour through the night, and then after that there was the usually notifying family of the birth and visits of course, plus running backward and forward from the house for stuff etc. Also had a call from work for a couple of catastrophes that needed dealing with so it was a further 28hours or so before I actually put my head back on a pillow.

Of course that was a really silly thing to do because our daughter was a crier, and in the next 4 years straight we never had a full night's sleep (at first she would wake up every 90mins on average, but that at least went out to about 2-3hours after the first year).

I don't think I could do all that again...
by kimp
Wow parks, that sounds like an ordeal!
by Vee
Yes I have but only a few times in my life. New years eve to the new years day.
Yep. Or I've gone with basically little 10minute cat naps. We used to fly from Darwin to Brisbane quite regularly on the 1am flight. So I'd work all day. Go home and pack / drink / organise, get on the plane. Arrive Brisbane at 5am and we'd drive to wherever we needed to be. I've also had times with the kids or with parties and clubbing and I'm pretty sure I went 24 hours with no sleep for the births of both my children.
No, thankfully that is probably something I have never done.
At least I cannot remember, if I have done it.

I have always needed my sleep and could not go 24 hours without it!
To this day I still have up to 8 hours a night, and the thought of not sleeping for more than 24 hours is a dreadful one for me!
by Finy
Oh what a nightmare! Was I a 'grumpy puss' by the time I got to bed. NOT recommended unless absolutely necessary!
Yes! Ive done 72 hours and then slept for 24 hours after that.
That's crazy! How did you manage?
by Vee
Yes, very recently. On my way home from Thailand! No sleep for 42 hours! For the time being I am not planning any other "long" trip, at least not before I forget how dreadful it felt!
Yes, I have been up for 24 hours many times. My all time record was 3 days though. It turned out that the doctor had to sedate me. I felt tired but just couldn't sleep.
Let me just pick up my jaw from the flaw. How did you cope? I think I would have had a panic attack.
by Vee
.........maybe 'floor', Vee.....although I think spending more than 24hours straight without sleeping is a definite flaw! Lol!
by donjo
LOL! Spelling errors happen when one hasn't gotten enough sleep!
by Vee
I was just illustrating a point... :-P
by Vee
Touché! Vee, just gold! Lol!
by donjo
Oops! Forget to reply to 2/3 of the question...........

It invariably had to do with flights........although I can 'cat-nap' on a flight.......

Once i flew to Mexico City return, Fri morn out, to Mon arvo. arrive home.
29000 Miles, & 41 hours aloft, in total!

Travelled Cairo-London-Bahrain-Singapore-Oz. left there at 7:30am, afternoon in London, as you do, then onto home flight, arriving Weds am. Met friends in transit lounge Singapore, they'd come from Tokyo. I really had to think as asked, 'when did you leave Cairo'?

Best was went to a Concert night before flight, had to be at Airport by 5:30am, flew to/over Antarctica, & home. Flight was only 13 hours, but total elapsed (ground) time was 30 Hours, all considered!

Lucky I enjoy flying!

Let me just pick up my jaw from the flaw...hahahaha. Lucky. I don't think I could do it, donjo.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, it's amazing what one can do, when interested, & much younger!
The Antarctic flight was only two years' ago, but it doesn't take me long to 'get back in the saddle', when I've done that all my life! Cheers!
by donjo
Yes. Every time I fly to Europe (& home again)! Don't like the 'zombie' feeling you get towards the end. I always try to make it so that the flight arrives in the evening/night, so I can go straight to bed. I'm fine the next morning.
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