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Have you ever been affected by a suicide?

by Vee (follow)
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Robin Williams’ tragic death brought to light the grave reality of suicide. “Not another”, was my immediate reaction. I then realised that out of the fifteen deceased persons I keep in my thoughts and prayers, four of them were prematurely taken by depression.

For this reason, it saddens me when people, who are unaffected, dismiss or rashly judge what it means to be in the grip of depression or what it’s like to contemplate taking your own life.

At school, I tried to explore these experiences in an artwork I was producing, only to be told it was “too confronting”. Perhaps if we did some exploration of these everyday issues, we would not have been confronted by the reality of suicide many years later.

Have you ever been affected by a suicide?

#Mental Health
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Top Answers
I had to answer this one!
MY daughter suicided and yesterday was the anniversary date!
It was a long time ago but I still think of her many days, and it was the pits as it is such a shock.

As someone said to me at the time "you can replace a husband, but not a child"
by Finy
That is the most dreadful pain I believe a
Mother can ever have.
by jonaja
the worst is you never get over it of course -it becomes easier to live with ion time but some of the stupid things people say are unbelievable -like "arent you over that yet" a man said to me about 3 years later! he has no children, so i excused him!
by Finy
You know Finy you are so right, a Mother never gets over it.

by jonaja
Love to you, I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for sharing your story xx
by meggf
My only Brother phoned me one morning at 4 am.
His youngest son who was in his late twenties, had taken a rope from his shed.
He had hung himself .
3 years later his eldest took an overdose, and killed himself.
Oh G-d Jonaj -the poor parents -it is the pits....
by Finy
Yes, my Brother is a different man, but his wife my sister in law...will also never be the same.They live in Qld, and the stats are high for suicide up there.
by jonaja
i think stats are high everywhere -you just do not hear about it -not newsworthy enough
by Finy
I was shocked to see Ian Thorpe had it too, poor guy.
by jonaja
My gosh jonaj. I'm so sorry.
by Vee
Wow, serious subject. I read the answers before deciding to write my short story. I am lucky that my life have never felt the devastation that the suicide of a close friend or family member would cause. I don't believe anyone could ever get over that kind of hurt.

I have had two acquaintances commit suicide, both hung themselves. The first was 13. He hung himself in his closet. His parents found him. I can't imagine what that must have been like. I always knew him to be one of the happiest kids. He had a gentle heart. We were not friends, but I was constantly teased and bullied in my early school years, and he was one of the few kids who was nice to me. The other was a neighbourhood kid that I barely knew. He was in hospital for depression at the time, under suicide watch. He hung himself with the strings for the blinds in his room.
I know I wanted to die also but I cannot imagine how bad it must feel if the only way to stop the pain is to kill yourself =I didnt eat -food was forced down my mouth and I was a zombie. BUT and a big but, I am still here so I was obviously not low enough which scares me as i was in an awful place and yet obviously to suicide (and I never say COMMIT as it is not a crime!) how much worse must it be
by Finy
I was in a bad space too, Finy. I would contemplate it, but I could never leave my son. Nor my husband.

I suspect one of my best friends from primary school ended his own life. I left the school we attended together and a year later I received a phone call that he had died. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I attended his funeral. And, despite asking some friends, the circumstances surrounding his death were never officially disclosed.
by Vee
Not personally, but a I know a friend of the family whose husband committed suicide, and it has cast a big shadow over her and her daughter's life since then. Depression is one of the worst illnesses in the world, and one of the most devastating ways to lose a loved one.
Your so right.
by jonaja
You can replace a man
by Finy
sorry, not saying it is not also horrible but it is very different with a child.-the person who told me the saying, has re-married and is very happy. v I will never be even if i met the man of my dreams tomorrow.
by Finy
You can't replace a father.

And while I understand what you are saying, you may again fall in love, but it does not lessen the heartache of losing your first partner. Losing someone to suicide is devastating whatever relationship you have with them, and I don't think it is right to make comparisons.
I lost my best friend to suicide 18yrs ago. It was a tragic loss, she was young, and full of life …. on the outside. On the inside she felt alone and hopeless. She left behind a twin brother who has never quite recovered.
I'm so sorry to hear that meggf. Thank you for sharing.
by Vee
Not really. I know persons who were suicidal but who were unsuccessful. I'm glad they were unsuccessful, because if they weren't, I wouldn't be a counselor today.
I once heard a personal account from somebody who failed to take their own life several times. He is now happier than he ever could have imagined. Hearing stories from people who've pulled themselves out of such dark places is inspirational. Good on you - I imagine it's not an easy line of work.
by Vee
Thanks Vee for your reply. That is shocking to hear. Stories like that sounds like God somehow intervened. Yes, counseling is a difficult profession, but by the end of the day, I have a supporting wife to comfort me.
by kirk3
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