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Have you done any exercise in the last few days?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you done any form of exercise in the last few days?

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Top Answers
The only exercise I do apart from working in an op shop, is walking my two whippets every morning.

However yesterday it rained so I did not even walk a km. Today it is raining again, so will only do about half a km at most -I would normally walk between 1 and 2 kms every day on my walks.
by Finy
Do you get antsy if you don't go for your walks, Finy?

I know that when I'm at home all day and sitting around reading or writing that I become a little 'unhinged' - very antsy and energetic.
by Vee
No I don't Vee, as I don't really like walking. I am always happy when I am near home again. However it is good that I have my dogs or I would do no exercise and my back would be worse than it is.
by Finy
1 - 2 klms is very good! :)
by jonaja
Aaaah Finy,you do make me smile!!! If not for your furry children,would you truly not go for walks? I would love to go walking again,with or without my Fur Babies.
I should try to find some raincoats for your darlings who obviously DO love to walk!!! At least you do manage to get to your gate before turning back!!! Hee Hee!! I must admit that my idea of housework is sweeping the room with a glance!!! So no exercise there for me either!! I have more pleasant and interesting things to do,like exercising my fore-fingers on my precious laptop keyboard!!! And smiling ,too,of course!
by Jules
lol....lol.... :)
by jonaja
I have actually. I took my son to the park yesterday and had a go at the exercise equipment there, which is really quite good.
by Vee
Kids and parks heaps of fun :)
by jonaja
Until 7 years ago I would happily walk to and from work every day, but I am now crippled up with a rare form of arthritic and neuropathic disease which prevents me from walking any distance at all,and even this is done with a cane.But Oh!!! What a cane it is!!! Stunning hand carved oak set with a crystal rose, from a master carver in Ukraine! I get comments wherever I am with it!
I miss the exercise more than I can say,but such is life.I do get to potter in my beloved garden each day and this keeps me moving more freely than if I sat about all day long! I do believe that I would go totally crazy without this little bit of 'exercise' every day!! I am so much better off than many others with illness, so I can always smile.
Jules you're a real trooper :)
by jonaja
It sounds like you have your own pain to deal with too Jonaj,at the moment which stops you walking! I miss it so much,but pottering in the garden very carefully and slowly is my new idea of 'walking' so I do it a few times a day,and tell myself how far I am getting.Ha ha ha!!! Pity you are not up in nth Qld as it is 26 and perfect for using swimming pools here! I would do this too,if not for an intense fear of water on my face and in my nose and ears after almost drowning!!! I am a real sook when it comes to swimming though I can tolerate shallow water where I am in control. Hope you get things fixed soon!
by Jules
by jonaja
Nope. I've had a bad cold for the past few days so all the exercise I've had has been doing a bit of housework when I'd really rather go back to bed. I'll get back into running soon.
Get better soon :) some say it is pretty bad one this year...
by jonaja
Thanks Jonaj
In the last few days the only exercise I have done is walking. I'm usually very good to exercise but the last few days I was too busy to fit it in.
by AJ
Walking is a great exercise, so you're on track.(excuse the pun) ...lol
by jonaja
This January I had an accident in a car someone else was driving, and now find it impossible to walk more than 8-10 minutes at any one time.
So my walking days are just about gone.....

jonah -sorry to hear that -were you injured then? walking is such an easy exercise, or rather you can do it when you like and where you like.
am off now to walk my dogs if it doesnt rain for the third day in a row -poor guys, I put their leads on, get all ready, go out my door to the letterbox and turn round again as they dont have raincoats!
by Finy
Oh! jonaj, that's not good at all; sorry to read about that. My thought is, are you able to get to a swimming pool, through somebody getting you there, presupposing you don't have one in backyard? That maybe the best way to exercise, in that the water supports you.
by donjo
Well until I get the surgeon to operate, I am unable to do much....That won't happen soon, as it costs a lot of money...So we are in the process of discussions (both parties).
Swimming is great!...and once the warm weather comes, we have 2 amazing pools inside the complex where I live, so yes that is on the cards for late spring, early summer. :)
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj! I'm so pleased you've access to pools. Swimming is so good for one's health, relaxing & contemplative, just to float!
by donjo
Aaaah..... we may not be able to walk like we used to,or want to,but at least we have legs!!! And also,while we can smile and laugh,we are getting exercise of a wonderful kind,as it is usually shared with others!!
On that note I shall head off to feast on my favourite winter food...Strawberries dipped in Nutella!!! Now THAT will get me smiling!
by Jules
Oh! Jules......just oooooh, aaaaaah! Enjoy, & for me, too! Cheers!
by donjo
Yep, sure have!

Lifted the cat up, & down from my lap.
Chased said cat around the house.
AND walked to letterbox, return, each day!
That's enough...........
lol....lol....lol....same sense of humour as me, with a big dose of truth!

LOVE it! :)
by jonaja
I adore your sense of humour!! I have to use my own daily as I am unfortunately unable to do all the things I used to enjoy so much due to a shockingly painful illness.What a Culture Shock I had,but I have learned how to exercise 2 of my fingers when I learned how to tap out emails on my computer!! Ha Ha Ha!!!!
Do give a pat to your fur baby for me!! I have dogs as cats make me sneeze, even though I love them!! My own Furry Children make me laugh so much as they try to be human. Life is indeed good!!
by Jules
Hi Jules! Thank you! The 'Most Spoilt Cat of 2014' purrs thanks for the pats! He's a rescued SP Siamese, & just loves to play, get smooches, cuddles & hugs, as they do!

I used to breed & own Welsh Pembroke Corgi's! They WERE human! My last started 'talking' to me the moment I stopped the car; she'd go on for about 20mins 'telling' me all that had happened during the day, whilst I at work!
I still miss her, as now gone since 2000, with kidney failure. She was15half, & very much loved. I carry photo of her in my wallet, & that picture is also on my contact cards I give out.
by donjo
NO, because we had a storm yesterday all day. I usually walk every day for an hour. I do gardening when i need to get things in order. Usually i am on the go most of the time walking and doing to.
I once loved to walk in the storms when younger.... :)
by jonaja
Yes - I walk 6-10 kms a day. Started doing this as a way of organising my thoughts after my husband died and I found it to be very therapeutic. The added bonus was I lost 17 kgs. I also do personal training now and tai chi occasionally. Never thought I would ever say this as I have never been a "gym bunny", but I really enjoy walking - it gets the endorphins working!
WOW! go you good thing!! BRAVO :)
by jonaja
Thanks jonaj - kind of you. Never thought that I'd be taking up exercise at 69 but hey you never know huh?
by norma
69 ?
Good grief woman!!!!!
Your a machine. :)
by jonaja
Gee jonaj, dion't think I am anything special really but appreciate the compliment. Cheers!
by norma
Walking everywhere I go.
by Gia
Gold, gia, just gold! Lol!
by donjo
I go to personal training every Wednesday...which was yesterday! So yes I have done some exercise in the last couple of days.
Yes . . . . and I am telling you this because I am very proud of myself. Six weeks ago I took the decision to cut out sugar and bread and to exercise every day. My doctor is so pleased with me that she is already talking about taking me off my diabetes medication. I get on my Elliptical machine every day and I have lost 3 kg so far. I am even enjoying it and staying on it longer and longer. As a serial sweet tooth and serious chocoholic, I say to you all . . . We Can Do It!

by Rice
I have excercised in the last few days, I go belly dancing and I also attend zumba classes.

I usually walk 3 k's most weekday mornings, but I haven't walked for 5 days now, due to blisters on the back of my heels from a pr of new walking shoes, which i should have been 'wearing in' around the house, before taking them out!! I hope to be back out there in 3 days time though.
by Miro
Just found this question again, & the answer is still No, as I've been 2 lazy to walk on my own the last 2 days & the 2 days before that, it was raining. My friend has now gone away for 4 days. I'm supposed to be going out on the 5th day from now, so we'll walk again on the 6th day, but rain is expected for the next 6 days. If I knew how to put music onto my iPod, I would walk on my own!
by Miro
Yep - was at the gym yesterday and will be again today. At least 4 times a week, without fail. With my sweet-tooth I have no choice!
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