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Drumstick or Cornetto?

by Lucy (follow)
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Drumstick or cornetto, ice cream

The Cornetto was invented in Italy in 1959, by an ice cream lover named Spica. He decided to line his cone with chocolate so that it would not go soggy when frozen - so clever.

In 1963, the Drumstick came along and the two ice creams have been rivals ever since. So, which do you prefer? Do you have a favorite flavor or a special ice cream story to tell?

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Top Answers
Drumsticks. Emphatically drumsticks. Not actually sure why though...
No competition, Drumstick is the one! I know it technically came second but in my eyes and according to my taste buds it is definitely a first!
Drumstick for meeeee.
Pweeze :)...I remember all the buzz about them in 1963, and there was a lot!
We don't have Drumsticks in the UK, so it is definitely Cornetto for me. What is the difference between a Drumstick?
They are very similar, I think.
by Lucy
Same to me,but I refer to them both as Cornettos - so I guess that's the brand that is imprinted on my brain....
Isn't advertising an interesting thing?
by Lucy
I have no preference for either. If I am in the mood for an ice-cream cone, I wouldn't even bother to read whether it's a drumstick or a cornetto. I would just buy any one of these.
Drumsticks. Although Magnums might be better than them both!
Ha - good call, Matt.
by Lucy
I didn't realise there was a difference...
by Vee
I want a drumstick right now love them
I am in no position to make a choice. I'll take them both.
by Gia
Can't take to cornetto, never have, for some reason.

Just L U R VE Chocolate Drumstick. Buy packet of 4!

Have just recently decided to stop buying tubs of ice-cream, as it would sit in freezer, for months, untouched.

So now buy packets of drumsticks, & golden gay time both chocolate.
Now, & again, magnum & connoisseur, paddle pops, various flavours.

The one ice-cream I really miss is 'Triple Treat.......the marshmallow was the best part!
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