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Does your oven have a fan-forced function?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by BBCLCD, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Does your oven have a fan-forced function? Do you prefer the fan-forced function or are you not so fussed?

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Top Answers
My oven doesn't so I have to set it a little bit hotter. I wish it did though as it would make the overall oven temp more consistent!!!
My oven is quite simple. It doesn't have that feature.
Our oven does, but it's a bit old so whenever the fan is on is sounds like we have aeroplanes landing and taking off in the house!
by Vee
Same here!
by Rice
I don't have an oven full stop.We just use a little cook top 2 elements to cook on.I do miss having a full working stove.
Wow, I could imagine.
by Vee
Oh! Jonah, no Roasts for you! I couldn't live without being able to cook a Roast! I've a small Breville oven, at the ready to 'step in' IF big oven 'dies'!
by donjo
When I built my very first house in the 80's I bought a Fan Forced oven, it was a new idea then...sure was a great invention.
by jonaja
I LOVE the fan forced oven we just got. It cooks everything so beautifully even!
Mine is always fan forced (as in I can't turn the function off). I don't think I've ever had an oven that wasn't, so don't know the difference.

Ovens without the fan function are a pain in the neck.
by Vee
Yeah, from recipes I've seen things take longer to cook in them.

Yes, it does and I always use it.
Have a friend who says it splatters things around however my oven is a micro/convection combination with no spinning, and is pyrolitic -which means I turn on a button and it cleans itself -best invention ever brought out!

AND it works so well.

You set the oven to about 20 less with fan forced, so it must save money.
by Finy
I wish I had a self-cleaning oven! Are they pricey?
by Vee
Yes, Vee, they are very pricey in the German ones! But SO worth it -when you get to be a senior, it is easier to afford pricey things as not so much to spend money on! just been out shopping and buy all sorts of food I dont need -hence i buy online so i normally dont go near a shop!
by Finy
Smart thinking, Finy. ;)
by Vee
My very original big Simpson Oven (1973) had Catalytic walls. So every time it was used, it 'burned', so to speak, ANY 'gunk' within it. Once there was a layer of fine ash on base, got vacuum cleaner nozzle on the job, & 'hoovered' it all up! Took about 2 minutes, for thoroughness!

Refurbished Kitchen 2012, & my dear old oven went to recyclers! It had served me well for nigh on 40 years! It was 'sad' losing it, as I'd looked after it very well, indeed! Ah, progress (?)!
by donjo
I don't think it's "progress" - things are not made like they used to be made. Sadly, I think that's the case. Damned planned obsolescence.
by Vee
I used to work in Customer Service for a well-known whitegoods company. One lady rang to express her disappointment at her brand new fan-forced oven. She was a champion Fruit Cake cook and had won numerous prizes at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney, however her cakes didn't turn out right with the fan-forced oven....
That's not at all surprising, Fifi!
by donjo
I have a fan forced oven but I don't like it much. I have used the other one and was much happier with that. Well, may be I just need to get used to adjusting temperatures.
by BK
Of course - doesn't everybody?
My oven has it. But I've never used it. Always set it to 'conventional' oven, as that's what I've used for many decades.

Am I missing out on something good, keeping to my 'tried & true' ways, ladies?
I thnk so donjo. My fan-force function is currently malfunctioning. Suffice to say, it's been difficult.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, you are funny! Does using 'fan-forced' dry out the food? This is what I've always 'envisioned' it does, thus my hesitancy in using it!
by donjo
I don't think it dries it out. At least that hasn't been my experience, donjo. If in doubt, you could try cooking your food with foil atop for most of its time in the oven. I do this to prevent it burning if I'm cooking for a while.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, thanks for the tip!
I've now just got to 'pluck up the courage' to give it a go! Lol!
by donjo
Yes. We got a new oven a couple of years ago and it is fan forced. It does a great job of cooking food.
My fan force function has officially broken. I miss it so badly.
by Vee
My oven is fan forced and also has a self cleaning function which is great. I just have to wipe round the walls, top and base with a damp cloth after cooking. Not being the greatest housewife in the world (life's too short to spend it cleaning) it suits me down to the ground.
Yes my oven has so many options it is a bit confusing. I tend to use one setting but different temperatures and I love it. Heat from above and below, fan forced,light on.
Is that oven in the pic, a steam oven?
I've got no idea, annfi. I just searched for "ovens" - lol!
by Vee
I've never used the conventional setting on my oven. I love fan forced. Just remember to lower the temperature 20 when following a recipe and you'll be fine. Haven't had a failure in 36 years and it's a simple oven to use.
We'd had our self cleaning oven since we moved into our brand new house in early June, '79. Then a long time ago, the thermostat 'went' in the back of the oven, & we haven't had it replaced yet. I just cook on 2 hot plates, on top of the stove,
& use the microwave oven for most pastas, & the veggies. Once I made a 1 & 1/2 minute chocolate cake in a mug, in it, for my other 1/2's birthday!!!
by Miro
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