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Does it take you a long time to choose from a menu?

by Finy (follow)
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Does it take you a long time to pick from a menu when eating out, or can you choose very quickly?

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Top Answers
Yes, it takes me ages to pick and I get annoyed at myself.

Sometimes i ponder and pnder and everyone has ordered and I am still thinking!

is this a procrastinator!
by Finy
No finy we are just fussy!
by Fran
No finy we are just fussy!
by Fran
I'm the same! There is usually several items on the menu which sound good and I can't make up my mind!
My wife and I have learned to synchronize and we're both pretty quick now. We usually arrive at a new restaurant with a plan - we know what kind of food we are in the mood for, we know if we are getting multiple dishes and splitting things, that kind of thing.
I'm usually pretty quick as I go for things I don't want to cook for myself because they are too involved or I'm the only one in the family who will eat if.

I am terrible, take ages, ask questions 'the customer from hell' sometimes I guess...try not to be but want what I want....we are just too spoilt for choice now I reckon..
by Fran
No.. i always know i am going to order.
It can take me quite some time.

I get confused from one thing to another. Sooo much to choose from.

No! I usually can choose something to enjoy very quickly!
Unless its somewhere new, I usually have an idea what I'll have before I go.
by Gia
It can take me ages to choose. Plus I have a strange thing if someone else at the table also wants the same thing as me I have to choose something else - I don't think there should be more than one of any dish on the table. I really don't know why I think like this!
by AJ
If I'm going to a place for the first time, then yes. If I'm going somewhere I frequent regularly, it takes me all of two minutes.
by Vee
Endless amounts of time and then I ask questions about ingredients too. It's terrible.
No, I'm pretty definite with my likes and dislikes so it doesn't take me long at all.
Yes. I take value for money and nutrition into consideration. Did I hear a chorus of "Boring!"?
I can choose fairly quickly as I go to particular places for their cuisine, Check out the specials board/menu and make a decision, If it is a new place then it takes more time to choose, because if the meal is not so good then Im not likely to go back. Some places I have not gotten passed one dish it was so fabulous!
Yes yes yes. There are usually several items I want to order so it can get very hard. I usually choose a good meal but there are some cases where I have chosen wrong and have been disappointed.
by SJP
It depends. I can immediately eliminate all dishes with birds and animals or cream sauce as well as anything breaded/deep fried. After that I look for something spicy or strongly flavoured with lots of vegetables.
Very quickly, as at that point, growling stomach!
It doesn't take me long at all. If I see a favourite food, but really, I just know what I like. I used to have a friend who took ages to order and then ages to eat it !!! Some of our group would just have to leave at the end of the meal as we all had other appointments and couldn't wait !!! There was usually one of us who would sit with her whilst she ate ( slowly).
It depends how long the menu is! I also like to choose something I would never cook at home, something unusual. We don't dine our much, just for birthdays. We have a very good restaurant now, a 5 min walk from where we live.They only have 5 choices in each section, which I like the idea of. My husband & I have had our last 2 birthdays each, there.
by Miro
I just want to know where this photo is from? And what century it was taken! Wow - I wish I could find a place that had prices that cheap! :)
I exactly know sometimes what I want to eat without even looking at the menu. So no It doesnt take long for me.
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