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Does it irritate you when a person gives you a weak handshake?

by Vee (follow)
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hand shake
Image by octaviolopez, morguefile.com

Does it irritate you when a person gives you a weak handshake?

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Top Answers
Bleargh!!! Yes. It's like squeezing a bag of cold porridge. Nasty.
by Rice
I think you'll enjoy my image, Rice.
by Vee
You put it so well!
Thank you tasneem :-)))
by Rice
This has to be one of my all time pet-hates!

I have no time for it, and really is it insulting if you do this from my neck of the woods.
Makes no difference if your male or female.
Good one jonaj. Check out my pic. :-D
by Vee
Not really. I'm probably that person, because I don't see a need to shake hands.
Oh! Bryony, have you not been in Business?

I enjoyed shaking hands with friends & acquaintences, during my long career.
To me, it's a sign of respect, & is used so much, on many different occasions, in Westernized countries, even at Funerals.
by donjo
Saying 'Hi' or giving a polite nod is just as respectful. No need to go about touching everyone you meet.
To do as you say above Bryony, I would consider very bad manners, & rude.

Here in Australia, we shake hands upon meeting someone new, male or female.
We don't have a 'phobia' about it whatsoever!

by donjo
Well good for you. Just because it suits you does not mean it suits everyone, and just because you consider it rude not to shake hands, doesn't mean everyone else does. I think it is rude for people to kiss you upon greeting, but the French think it is polite. It is all a matter of opinion, and since that is what this question was asking, I gave it, without the expectation that I would be criticised for thinking differently to the majority.
Bryony - just keep doing what suits you. We all have our own ways of greeting people and that is quite normal.
by norma
Thanks, Norma :)
It doesn't irritate me. There are people who have a weak handshake because they are unable to grip firmly or it causes them pain. A person may have arthritis (even a young person may have rheumatoid arthritis), multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, motor neurone disease,Guillain Barre syndrome or another condition. Polio or a stroke can result in muscle weakness.

Someone with a weak handshake for a medical reason may choose to shake hands anyway, even though they are self conscious about it, rather than explain their medical history to someone they have just met. (There are those who have resorted to wearing a brace to avoid both the handshake and having to explain their health condition.)

Someone with cold clammy hands may suffer Palmar hyperhidrosis or be very nervous.

Others may just have got it wrong and be unsure how firmly to grip.
I love how you launched into that, Marie. I didn't consider serious illness as a cause for limp handshakes. I'll have to bear these things in mind in future.
by Vee
No. It doesn't irritate me, it just makes me wonder about the sincerity of the person shaking my hand. What kind of person they really are.
Not really. It does irritate me when they over squeeze.
They Know they are doing that! bunch of Prat's....LOL
by jonaja
by Vee
Yeah, the oversqueeze to the point where your hand hurts afterward is really irritating and one of my pet hates.
Yes, it irritates me!

Quite a bit of research has been done about handshakes. And, apparently, a weak handshake is a good indicator of future disease and/or early death.

This one time, I shook an older man's hand. I think he was expecting me to give him one of those cold, limp handshakes because when I shook his hand, he nearly fell over and gave me a huge smile. Best handshake memory ever!

by Vee
Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! LMAO!
by Rice
love it! :)
by jonaja
by Vee
Hate it, with a passion!
I give a good firm handshake, & expect same in return.

Some women give p@&$ weak handshakes, reminiscent of fish photo above. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

The only 'soft' handshake I'll give is to R-handed Guitarists' who I meet several times a year, for obvious reason.
No, I don't like soft hand shakes. A lot of women don't shake hands on meeting and I think that is pretty ordinary….but I also think that a lot of the time those women don't feel "entitled" to shake hands at all. Even the Queen shakes hands doesn't she…or does she ?
She does . . . but there is a protocol for the queen as she can be injured by so many handshakes. You have to be shown exactly how to shake her hand . . . . and I imagine it is the limp fish :(
by Rice
Yes, its actually quite irritating. It would have been better to just give me a wave.
yes it does irritate me those wet fish handshakes
I play lawn bowls and we always shake hands after a game many a wet fish handshake here.
tells a lot about a person.
Yes it is telling, about a person. Both my mother and father said that a weak hand shake indicated a weak person (or personality) I have never forgotten their opinion.
by fran.
No, but depending on the occasion (i.e. business or social) I might make a judgment about the person (taking into consideration their cultural background as well)
Oh yes. Nothing worse than a limp-wristed handshake. Right or wrong, to me it gives the impression of weakness and conveys a lack of respect and disinterest to the other person.
On this, poppy, we can agree! LOL! :-D
by Vee
LOL, as much as I hate weak handshakes, I don't get irritated. It's just a part of personality ( or just some physical issues ) for some people, so I don't take it personally. I give them a strong one anyways :)
by BK
it certainly does I believe it is called a wet fish handshake,
I've never really thought about it to tel;l u the truth.
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