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Does it irk you seeing other people’s underwear on show?

by Vee (follow)
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At school, the boys thought there was nothing more fashionable than to wear their pants under their bums. Sagging there, the trousers looked as though they had been soiled … Nowadays, you step outside and it seems as though underwear as become the new outerwear. Girls proudly display their bras, skirt splits reveal way more than I’d like to see, and guys are still wearing their pants around their ankles. “PULLL THEM UP!” I yell in my head whenever I pass an offender.

Am I getting old, or is this an actual fashion faux pas? Does it irk you seeing other people’s underwear on show in social situations that do not require it?

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Top Answers
Who ever came up with this fashion trend was
an idiot!
Too true, jonaj.
by Vee
Yes! It drives me freaking nuts! PULL UP YOUR PANTS!!

For a while it was in fashion here for women to wear a thong and pull it up out of the back of their jeans but also to wear their jeans really low. This basically meant you would get a half-moon every time the woman bends over. So, for starters, yes I think a thong can be sexy, but it's awkward seeing strangers butts like that, and to make it worse, having a thong pulled up to your belly button looks seriously uncomfortable. It actually looks like you just got a wedgy, not sexy. I'm a being a prude here?
No, LMAO! I totally agree with you!
by Vee
This annoys the hell out of me. What the hell is so cool about showing off your underwear? There was a time when having your trousers fall down and revealing your underpants was the most embarrassing thing in the world, but now people seem to show them off with pride.

How can walking around like a penguin, looking like you've soiled yourself cool?
I have no bloody idea, Bryony, LOL.
by Vee
Hahahaa. I don't look at people's underwears even if they are showing! :)
Yes, it can be pretty disgusting. Its like vision pollution.
I believe this is the burden of the middle aged.

It doesn't irk me so much, but it does make me giggle, and it makes me glad that I'm a grown up now. Occasionally I want to shout 'BUY A BELT" but upon closer inspection many of them are WEARING belts and their pants are still falling off.

I figure there are worse things than underwear …. like NO underwear maybe?
'A burden of the middle aged', LOL. I guess that makes me 'old', huh?
by Vee
I gotta tell you …. middle age is good to me, I know how to wear PANTS!!!
by meggf
by Vee
Yes, it really annoys me particularly with a man who is overweight who wears his pants below his stomach -hate it!

Not so bad on a girl who is young however.

I do not know why people cannot pull up their pants so the underwear does not show -women wear smaller underpants so they do not have the problem so much as if they bend you can just see cheeks which is far nicer than under daks!
by Finy
LOL. I think I'd rather see underwear than a stranger's "cheeks", Finy.
by Vee
I'm too busy to take much notice...unless it's really obvious.
If it's visible because of sloppy dressing, like the descriptions most of you have referred to, yes, it irks me. If it's something "normal" (i.e not a thong/G-string etc) worn under an otherwise-conservatively cut but sheer style, or otherwise covering private parts that the over-clothes don't fully cover because of their cut, then no, it doesn't bother me at all. Don't know why the difference. One seems tarty to me and the other doesn't (maybe because the latter probably hides more than your average bikini bathing suit?).
by kimp
It surprises me that this trend has lasted so long.
I have to admit here that I am occasionally a culprit...

When I first get dressed, and all day while standing up my underwear never shows, but if I am squatting to pick something up of the ground, it's possible you'll get a look at my knickers. Womens jeans just aren't made for active work!

Equally, moving around at work, or in the garden, running etc, it's not uncommon for a bra strap to become visible.

I never realised people were yelling at me in their heads, but obviously it's something I need to sort out!!
Rachael, ah that's not bad. You can't help it when something peeps out. I'm talking about those morons that purposefully wear their pants under their bums so that their boxers are on show.
by Vee
As a matter of fact, it does ---particularly if they have chosen to wear grey or flesh coloured underwear......then it just plain old revolts me
Oh! Spare me! Hate it to the nth degree! My Mother taught me: 'a lady NEVER shows ANY part of her underwear'. I often think of that when I see....
Very obese or obese women trying to fit into clothes way TOO small for them, AND they keep 'tugging' at both tops & skirts or slacks! Maybe they've invisible 'extension' pieces that I can't see!

Women who've a WHITE top on with a BLACK or loudly coloured bra, sans camisole!

Women who've a bra strap showing or wearing a 'string' shouldered dress/top with half-inch bra straps. And the latest no-no, which is repulsive to me, wearing a sport top/midi top where the COMPLETE length, front & back, bra straps BECOME the so-called 'straps' of the outfit! Eeeeewwwww!
Young girls' wearing micro-mini-micro skirts, about 6 inches from waist to just under bum cheeks! Oh yuck!
I am right with you there!
by Vee
Pet hate alert!!!!
Unacceptable. Where is the fashion police when ya need them?

If they want to show off their undeies, then let's grab these twits, rip off their shorts or jeans and let them run around in their undies...only.

That at least looks better than pants half way down their butts, and or have few of them trip over their pant legs and break a nose or 2.

That might stop the trend.
I just envisioned someone with two broken noses, ha! I agree. I hate it. It would be quite amusing to see one lose one's pants and trip over them. I would laugh. Loudly.
by Vee
I also HATE seeing those 'Poo Catchers' What a trend! Who in their right mind thought of that idea?
And also women, young & old, showing off their bra straps!! YUK. Every time I go out, I'm looking for bra straps, or silly dress sense. I can't help myself. My husband wishes I would shut about it when I'm with him, because I'm always pointing out, 'those people'!!!
by Miro
I have to admit, I don't like seeing bras either. Bra straps I can tolerate if they are somehow concealed, but I cannot stand it when women wear bright coloured bras with no attempt to hide them. Come on, people. It's called UNDERwear for a reason! LOL.
by Vee
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