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Does it bother you when people beat around the bush?

by Vee (follow)
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‘The Ambiguity’ by Kenny Louie, sourced from Wikimedia Commons

I can’t stand it when people beat around the bush, so to speak. Things often go over my head and so I prefer when people are honest, blunt even. Ironically, I sometimes find myself doing it.

Does it bother you when people are deliberately unclear?

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Top Answers
I do think there is a place for 'beating around the bush a little'.

Being too blunt, can and in some cases send people into shock.....depending on what the topic is.
I had someone tell me something a year ago, and he just said to me ''Oh you know so and so''...''well he committed suicide''.

I didn't sit down on the chair, I fell down!
I went cold all over, and the person telling me sounded a long way off.
I could not focus, and stayed cold the whole day long.That was shock.
This person telling me had beaten around the bush a bit, I could hear a 'lead up' to very bad news.

I take it that a lot of people do ramble on, that's of no use, when talking about everyday stuff.
To have a healthy balance, know the age of the person your talking too...for good communication, and be mindful of the very subject.

I have a friend who rambles on and on and on!!
Now I have to say to her ''Judy meat & veg''.That means no gravy, no rambling.
She now know's that when I say that, she has to cut-to-the-chase.

She also knows she rambles,so she doesn't get upset with me when I say just give me the 'meat & veg'.

When it's also everyday stuff, and they are still not clear, I just say: ''Just give me the bottom line''.
If they don't.....I walk away, and say ''when your ready-to tell me''.

I also tell some friends, ''Look I'm on the clock here'', meaning I won't live as long as they will..(that's with younger friends).
jonaj, I'm sorry about the first thing you shared, but the second stuff you mentioned is hilarious! Laughed my head off. 'Meat and veg'!
by Vee
Vee after 16 long years, I just had to tell her....'meat & veg'.

It was doing my head in! lol...lol.
by jonaja
LOL! jonaj, I understand as I have some people in my life who do the same thing, but I don't have the heart to tell them. Especially when they get so excited.
by Vee
Yes! At a minimum it means they're disorganised & at a maximum, they're trying to hide something!

Get to the b..... point, & stop wasting my time!
I think there's a time for tact - not necessarily beating around the bush - and I time to be straight forward. Knowing which occasions require which approach is the key!
I really dislike people beating around the bush. That's not to say I think people should be blunt to the point of tactlessness but too much leading up to bad news just makes it worse for me.

I had some truly awful tragic news recently - the unexpected and shocking death of my seven year old god-daughter - and with hindsight I am relieved that her uncle who called me just told me what had happened without any beating around the bush or trying to prepare me for bad news. That would have made it even harder to deal with.
VerityG, I'm so sorry about your loss. And I agree. Sometimes beating around the bush with that sort of news can send your imagination on a roller coaster ride and makes the experience more emotionally draining.
by Vee
I have often been accused of being too blunt.

I therefore find that I cannot stand beating around the bush.

I like down to earth people who say what they think and feel.

I do not like it when people are unclear as you are left to "imagine" sometimes what they are trying to say.

This does not always have a good outcome, as sometimes you imagine quite wrong and therefore I would far rather someone just comes out and asks for what they want or states the problem or whatever.
by Finy
That's me right there.
by Vee
Cut to the chase! Cut to the chase! Lord, I hate that feeling that something awful is coming. Just TELL me!
by Rice
I don't like it. I'm pretty much a straight arrow and I say what I think and I am open and honest about things. I prefer people who will treat me the same. I don't like misconstruing messages because they are so vague and unclear. Speak up and say what you think!! Don't beat around the bush a
Yes! Speak your mind but temper it to be acceptable - do not offend but speak what is on your mind.
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