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Do your confront or do you walk away?

by chipp (follow)
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There are times when things don't go they way they should. For example, you purchase something from a retail outlet on a special, and you later find out that they charged you full price. Do you confront the issue or do you walk away?

Do you remember a particular time this has happened?

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Top Answers
Depending on the situation. I think you need to pick your battles - but if its a retail outlet - I would absolutely confront!! Husband issues - I am learning to pick my battles!
I think confronting a problem is always good. However, you need to know when to confront and when to walk away. If someone is insulting you and is drunk, it is best to walk away. However, if you have gone to a store because of a sale then you deserve to purchase something at the advertised price. Confrontation is important in this case.
It does depend on the situation. If there is a small difference in price, I am not fussed. For big ticket items, absolutely - I confront.
I confront.

It happens all the time, I'm like a pit bull..........but nicer.
It's in my blood, to only back off.......if I'm out numbered. (even then it's hard to walk away).Only if I am right do I confront.
I think it depends on the issue, and also who the confrontation would be with- I react very differently to family compared to strangers.
Confronting while more up-in-your-face is the better option. There is enough injustice going around as it is. This way, at least you get your opinion and voice heard.
''injustice'' your so right!
love what you said :)
by jonaja
Injustice and dishonest trading is at an all time high in Australia
Marketing companies present advertisements designed to generate the lead and expect the sales person to cover up the lie and close the deal with no regard to the impact it may have on the communities perception of the industry.
This practice reduces the communities trust, hurts the consumer financially and generates an unfair advantage for the companies who practice the deception. The government has completely abandoned the honest trader by failing to monitor and control the big corporations who practice these deceptions.
I believe this to be because the large corporations fund the political campaigns and the public servants who should address the issues are afraid to act because of the risk to their employment.
by kstew
Both. Depends on the situation and who it is that I have a problem with.
by Vee
Confronting is an honest way of communicating but must be carefully managed and should not be confused with being abusive.
In sales I have often found that people will quietly leave the negotiation when had they spoken boldly about the situation it could have been resolved on the spot to every ones satisfaction. To be a caring person who loves others does not require you to be weak just fair and honest.
I always confront (particularly in shops/supermarkets) as long as I can speak to the Manager. I never confront people like the sales staff or checkout staff - doing so is like "picking your mark". But I do like asking to speak to the Manager and confronting them with the problem. Sales staff aren't paid enough to put up with people like me. A Manager is paid to manage i.e. cope.
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