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Do you wear socks to bed?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by jdurham

Some people can't sleep in socks, but others can't sleep without them.

Which category do you fall into, or are you in a category of your own?

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Top Answers
I always wear socks to bed -winter or summer.
My feet get numb when I lie flat and putting socks on helps greatly!

This sounds weird and doctors cannot figure out what is wrong -even gave me an MRI but nada, so I have to learn to live with it, and have many warm socks!
by Finy
p.s. Love the photo!
by Finy
That is strange Finy.
by Vee
LOL Vee, my doctors think so too! But a very good question you wrote for ME!!
by Finy
Have you tried vitamin e?
by slang
Why vitamin E? No, nothing has been suggested as all tests come back negative, and RPH couldnt answer it either....could have something to do with crushed vertebrae however it should have showed up on mri then.
by Finy
VItamin e can help with circulation...
by slang
Me too and me too. I have always had bad circulation and if I go barefoot on my kitchen floor I get foot cramps. Socks are a must to prevent cramps in bed. I have had ultrasounds too but nothing shows up. Finy, I think we have 20th Century Disease! LOL
by Rice
Only when it is extremely cold and then I usually wake up in the middle of the night overheated and have to take them off.
If I've taken my socks off during the course of the night, I can never remember doing so. I tend to wake up, scrounging around to find them after I've kicked them off in my sleep!
by Vee
No - I don't enjoy wearing socks while sleeping. However I do wear socks before going to bed.
Only if it is deadly Cold!
Like when you feel like your nose is about to fall off!
Or your toes! Haha.
by Vee
by jonaja
Only if it's really cold.
The latter; I have a foot phobia - or at least an aversion to them.
Hahaha! So does my sister!
by Vee
I find it hard enough; it must be murder for her in Australia, with all those flip flops.
You're right on the money there Bryony. If it were up to her, we would all be walking around without any feet.
by Vee
I wish we all had furry paws.
Hahaha. I'll pass that on to my sister. She'll appreciate it.
by Vee
I'm a no socks gal. I use an electric blanket in winter (possibly one of mankind's best inventions).
I'm afraid to use an electric blanket.
by Vee
Me too .. I always worry that they'll catch fire during the night and I'd be asleep so wouldn't know!
Me too! Did you hear about that woman whose bed caught fire because of a wheat heat pack? Now, imagine an electric blanket: it can catch fire and electrocute you!
by Vee
Unless you're in Antarctica, put the Electric Blanket on high a few hours' before retiring.
When you do, switch it OFF! There should be enough warmth to last the night, unless an Arctic blast comes your way!
by donjo
Only if its too cold. brrr...
I can't wear them to bed unless it's the middle of winter and absolutely freezing. Otherwise, my feet sweat and I overheat like anything.
In which case you could just take them off, right? I can't fall asleep if my feet are cold - they feel cold to the bone.
by Vee
If it is too cold, I wear socks to the bed.
When it's extremely cold I do but they have to be comfy and pretty!
Definitely wear socks to bed in the winter time.
Just a cosy warm feeling.

by Zen
During winter I always do as I can't drop off to sleep if my feet are cold. I usually kick them off during the night, though.
No I don't anymore. When I was studying at college for the first time I had to wear socks because it was maddeningly cold.
Yes I always wear them
No. In Winter I wear 'Skinnys' bootees. The inside Lambswool is so toastie! Can't sleep without them 'cos my tootsies get so cold!
They sound wonderful!
by Vee
Oh Vee, they are! Do you have a 'Skinnys' near you? I take a 9 straight/11 fractional shoe or boot, so I buy Xtra large, & in doing so, it gives my feet 'wriggle room'!
If you can, get a pair before this coming Winter. You won't regret it! BTW, I only wear them to bed, not around the house; they'd wear out too quickly!
by donjo
I wear socks all year round when i go to bed.
Yes, in winter only. I use the long white cotton sox I used for basket ball games in the middle 1960ís!
They must be good quality socks, miro_!
by Vee
Definitely not - can't imagine anything more uncomfortable. I prefer to wear nothing in bed and let my skin breathe. If I'm really cold switch on electric blanket and am warm in no time.
Yes I do wear socks to bed when it's cold.
No. On the rare occasions I've worn bed socks one always manages to come off and that annoys me.
LOL! Sometimes I need only one to come off.
by Vee
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