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Do you wear earrings?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you wear earrings?

Do you wear them all the time or only on special occasions?

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Top Answers
I used to wear earrings every day and put different ones on each day - I loved long, dangley ones as well as smaller ones.

However a few winters ago I kept getting them caught in the scarves I was wearing, so have stopped wearing earrings.

Also I decided the long ones looked too young for my age (unusual as I do not normally think like this) but somehow I decided I looked better without and now rarely wear them.

Also I had trouble on one side getting them through the hold in my earlobe, so I eventually gave up!
by Finy
My daughter is young, and she never wears dangly ones. She has pierced ears and just has sleepers on. I would even go so far as to say that ear rings are not the fashion statement they once were. I don't see many people wearing them at all.
by Lluxi
I have pierced ears and sometimes wear earrings. Sometimes I feel I am already wearing enough accessories and earrings would be too much. Other days I look in the mirror and decide my outfit needs earrings. I have quite a few pairs which I display on a wall hanging in my bedroom. This makes it easy to find the pair I want.
I used to wear them as a young girl, but I don't bother much thesedays. I don't have pierced ears, so I only have clip ons. I would only wear sparkly ones when going somewhere special at night. My hair covers my ears, so no one would see them any way. Maybe if I wore my hair up, I might wear some diamond earrings, but I don't wear them day to day. I don't see the need.
Rarely. Mostly I can't be bothered. The holes may have closed over again by now.
White gold sleepers every day and I have several pairs that I change to for going out. My sister and I have a pair each of more upmarket white gold sleepers and we wear them to think of each other.
by Rice
Apart from my wedding and engagement rings, earrings are the only other kind of jewellery I wear. I like cute ones with flowers on cats on them. My mother-in-law recently came back from the states, and she bought me beautiful ones with real flowers in them from Alaska. They look similar to these.
by Vee
The picture didn't upload. :-|
by Vee
Aha!! So it's not just me. LOL
by Rice
No, I don't have the 'face' for earrings!

But I do wear Rings, Pendants, Necklaces, Bracelets(NOT bangles), & Brooches.......not all at the one time, though!

Glad you qualified that donjo . . . I was about to sing "Gypsies, tramps and thieves" . . . Hahahahahahaha.
by Rice
Funny you should say that, Rice, as I was thinking 'gypsies', as I wrote!
I was also thinking that Capt Jack Sparrow looks better with earrings than I would! Lol!
by donjo
Bahahahahahaha! I know just what you mean . . . . he looks better than me too.
by Rice
Hah! Lol!
by donjo
My had my ears pieced for my brother-in-laws wedding, years & years ago. Also had my 2 daughters done at the same time. I stopped wearing them a couple of years ago, but still have them in a yellow Whitman's Sampler dark chocolate box, about a 100 of them, but i've never counted them!I I don't know why I stopped wearing them.
by Miro
I love my earings, they are a must for me,but I think I prefer to buy them in smaller boutiques as they do carry a different range, where as you go to Colette's or Lovisa and they are on a production line, meaning everyone else has the same.
No I don't wear any at all.

Last time I did was many years ago.
I do have clip on's, and have had my ears once pierced, which I hated soon after.

Gosh, jonaj, as pretty as that earring is, I think I would be jumping about like a demented loon thinking I had something crawling on me. LOL. Saint Vitus Dance anyone . . ?
by Rice
Oh! Rice.....I'll join you, 'cos that's what I do if I get a leech on me, whilst bushwalking! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!
by donjo
LOL you girls make me smile :) :)
by jonaja
I've so many pairs of earrings but don't wear them all that often. As my ears are pierced I find it uncomfortable to sleep with the post type as I sleep on my side but I do like to dress up my ears when I go out.
I used to wear lovely gold earrings of various designs.I still own all of them,being mainly antique ones, and some modern diamond ones.I just never go out anywhere much since becoming too ill to work,so I simply don't bother putting them on.I had my ears pierced when I was 15,so all of the earrings I own are for pierced ears.I fell in love with some rose gold Stud-style ones in the shape of gorgeous roses with all individual petals,and I knew that the only way I would ever be able to wear them,was to go and get my ears done!!! Way back in those days the doctors did this service, and I even had them listed as injections so Medicare paid for them!!! I still have that first pair of earring,which are timeless and very pretty!!
Nope, earings aren't for me. Not my style.
I feel naked without earrings. Mainly gold . I have 3 piercing in each ear and match them to suit.
I have my ears pierced but I am not very fond of wearing earrings unless there is an occasion. I feel more comfortable without them.
by BK
Yes,I like wearing earrings.I change them in a few months.
I always wear an earring in my right ear. I used to wear an earring in both ears, but earlier this year I had an ear infection after the back part of an earring (butterfly clip) got stuck in my ear lobe. A Google search shows this is quite a common thing. I had to go to hospital to get it cut out and there is no longer a hold on the left ear. I don't feel like taking any chances on putting in another hole ...
Och, sorry that had to happen to you. Carolyn.
by Miro
Yes I do. My ears were pierced when I was quite young and I am so thankful for that! Most of the time my only accessory for an outfit would be a very elaborate pair of earrings.
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