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Do you watch the television news each night or each morning?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you watch the television news each night and/or each morning?

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Top Answers
I generally watch the night n ews on Channel 7 and sometimes also the ABC news at 7 pm.

I do sometimes miss it if something happens and I am not near the TV at the time, and sometimes miss as I get home late from work, and am cooking dinner.

I do not watch morning TV.
by Finy
I have always watched the news and kept up with current affairs where possible, however of late I find all the bad stuff makes me feel depressed and upsets me (and there is a lot of it, even locally)...so I have decided to only watch one News...on TV at night,...the others I 'mute' out like I do the adverts!
by Fran
I don't watch the news at all - we don't have television - but I like to read the headlines first thing every morning and then listen to various news bulletins on the radio throughout the day as and when I am near a radio. No set pattern to that one!
I do noyt watch the news EVERY night as it is often so darn sad and depressing! when I do watch it ,It is usually SBS as there seems to be a far broader coverage than the other channels.ABC included! I do catch up with the news on radio every day.or online.
I rarely watch the news. I usually only see it when I'm visiting someone else who habitually watches it. I get most of my news via the internet, although I also admit that I usually only look at news I am interested in, I am woefully ignorant with certain things that are going on in the world.
I rarely watch the news - I get most of the news on the internet
by AJ
I rarely watch the news on television. I prefer to hear it on the radio.
by Vee
No. I read Internet news.
it seems the three commercial tv stations want to saturate us with news. And it's not world news. You only hear about other world news on ABC or SBS. If it's not news it's adverts for news. I watch once a day - that's enough! Now if you are asking about the amount of advertising on tv, got plenty to say about that too lol.
Yes, Channel 9, each night. Set VHS VCR from 1715 to 1940, that way I get the 3 programmes I like to watch in a row.
Of course, during daytime, keep being updated on my ITablet. I like to be informed.

When I was a child we listened to 4QG on the radio. Then tv came along, & we watched Channel 2 each night. It gave me top marks in Current Affairs questions in Term exams!!
Channel 9, every night.
Always watch channel 7 news morning and night and international news on SBS as well as the German news. I find SBS has a far superior coverage on world news.
I watch both morning and evening news with foreign news in the afternoon if I'm home as there is more world-wide news available on these chanels
Usually, but not tonight with the grandies in the house and the Paris atrocities headlining.
I still try too.
But for years I found they really never cover what is happening, so I go online to find the REAL News.

Yes,I watch TV news whenever I am free.Sometimes I watch the news in the morning and sometimes at night.
The channel 9, 4.30 news then an hr of 'Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?'. Then I listen to an hr of Channel 9 news, while I'm cooking the dinner, because I can't see the tv from the kitchen.
by Miro
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