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Do you 'waste' time in the shower?

by Vee (follow)
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I came across this meme and thought it was hilarious. Do you ever 'waste' time in the shower?

#Water Restrictions
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Top Answers
Always. It's my only chance to escape from the kids and it seems to be where I get my article ideas!
Oh yes...especially during winter!
Yep, in the winter I often do. I sort of zone out in the warmth.
I am a sinner in this department. Like Carolyn and Jennifer, especially in winter. I also waste time by spending time reading the information on my shampoo products.
In winter I can at times.
Not now EVERY drop has to be paid for!
Have to admit that, like Carolyn, Jennifer and Bryony, am definitely guilty of this, especially in winter. Do like to linger when it is cold outside. Not in summer as I usually have a couple of showers a day at least and am in and out in quick time.
Some times i stay too long in the shower but during the winter months it is wonderful just to be nice and warm
No don't waste time in the shower, even in winter, Water restrictions a couple of years ago taught me to be less wasteful ! And yes, water has to be paid for
Nooooope. When I run out of things to wash, I get out!
Having said that - I like fragrant body wash (and QV wash for dodgy areas) (!!!!!!!) but it's a matter of "move it or lose it" - even when I'm including a hair wash and condition it's 15 mins tops (in winter) and even quicker in summer.
"dodgy areas" LOL!
by Vee
NEVER, water is far too precious to waste.
There are times when I may use very hot water on an area causing aches or pains, but never waste water.

"Waste time"? Thats some of my most productive time. Its when I can be alone and clear my head.
by Gia
No, Iím in & out, in about 3 minutes. I hate wasting water, & Iím always thinking about our water bill, while Iím having a shower.

I wish I had pink water. Itís my favourite colour!
I have a four minute timer that I use. I have to ignore it when I'm washing my hair though.
by Vee
No.... water is far to precious and costly! How many times do you need to wash the body???? I have other good places to waste my time... bed, computer, etc...
No. As disab.pensioner I often do not go outside for 4-5+ days so don't shower at all. So if I spend 20 mins once every 5 days or so, I reckon that is good use of my water-time. I have no washing machine or dishwasher either. I use the laundromat 10 kms away.
How do you get to Laundromat 10 K's away? Isn't the cost of that outweighed by time, effort, & money as opposed to cost of convenience of own washing machine?
by donjo
I would say you're spot on. I don't shower if I don't leave the house, which is rarely - but still.
by Vee
A good washing machine is far more expensive than the occasional trip to the laundromat. There are NO laundromats in my suburb. I use their machines,electricity, water, and their dryers. I do a lot of washing by hand at home, and hang it in the shower to dry (best free drying cupboard known).
For me a Laundromat SAVES money, as well as space in my flat.
Because you may have a house with expensive machines and high electricity bills, there is no need to make snide remarks about others who must watch 'the pennies'.
by delbr
Time enjoyed wasting is not time wasted. I love a long shower... Hot in winter, cold in summer. Good thing I live in the tropics!
by Jane
by Vee
I have a shower every day and do not stay under for very long...5 minutes generally...Why waste water when I have cleaned myself.and why get a great big water bill...Really Clean is Clean,...Staying under does not mean I am any cleaner..Just the opposite...Wasting water and Not thinking of that water bill or my skin..
Never,every drop counts with me, only time i stay long in the sower is when i wash my hair.
I don't call time in the shower as wasted! Love my shower so how can it be wasted.
by Finy
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