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Do you wash your walls?

by Vee (follow)
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I started washing the walls at home, but didn’t get to finish. According to my husband and his grandfather, nobody washes their walls. I argued that there are plenty of people who do, but they weren’t having it.

Do you wash your walls? If so, what do you use to clean them?

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Top Answers
I give them an occasional wipe down if they are grubby.
I just did two of mine today, as I have a little mould.

Only thing I swear by, the magic white sponge from the $2 shops.

It is amazing, and you just use water only.Nothing else.
I have given them to people who once they use, see all the dust come off...and the wall looks wonderful after.

So sadly husband and grandfather, are wrong on this!! Big Time.
Yes! I can't wait to tell me both! Hahaha, thanks jonaj.
by Vee
Also jonaj, from which junk shop do you buy them? I have only ever seen them in Woolies or Coles, and they are not cheap there.
by Vee
I get mine from the better $2 shops.
or...I buy a box of them off ebay for say $20 they last me a long time, and great value. :) I don't ever buy from Coles or Woolies.
by jonaja
ebay, what a good idea. I didn't even consider that! Thanks jonaj.
by Vee
by jonaja
Looooove the eraser sponges. I got 2 boxes of 20 *cheep cheep* when Masters closed down :-))))))
by Rice
They are amazzzzing!
by jonaja
I used to when I lived in a house with a severe mould problem but not normally, no.
I am in rented accommodation and I have a cat. She can sometimes put little paw prints on the walls, and so, yes, then I wash them off.
No, I don't wash the walls. If I saw they were particularly dirty then I might lightly use a cloth, otherwise I would wait until the next paint job.
I don't wash my walls but I just moved into a fixer upper so a good old fashion of paint will have to do
No, I don't.
Yes I do, but since I no longer have small children in the house the need to do so has lessened.
Wash my walls -what on earth for??

If they get dirty I would wipe them clean, however I would not wash a wall for no reason -I would only be able to reach half way up and it might look odd then anyway!

Don't tell me something else I have been "missing" to do in my house for all these years!!
by Finy
I don't normally wash my walls. I simply wipe areas that are soiled by kids or I let them wipe it themselves if they soil. But washing my wall is not a major chore.
Wash walls? WHY?

Washing dishes & clothes is enough, without adding to housework.
This is akin to people who iron sheets & underwear.
Totally unnecessary! & a great waste of time!
Haha! I have to disagree. I cleaned mine before I had a real estate agent come through the house (not meticulously, mind you), and they were very impressed at how well the paintwork had been maintained.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, that's a totally different scenario to when one owns one's house!
Of course, in a RENTED house you'd have to make sure walls are cleaned!
by donjo
I totally agree with donjo on this 1. I also would never iron pillow case either,as they iron them selves in the pile in the linen cupboard! I put them on the top of the pile after they’re washed & dried, & take the ones I need from the bottom of the pile, so they’ve ironed them selves. (Getting very much of the main topic. Sorry about that!)
All good, miro_ you fold them before you put them in?
by Vee
Oh! miro_, yes, I do same, but my pillow slips are pressed with Elna Press, & I always take from bottom of pile for 'recirculating' purposes, so one isn't using same pillow slips constantly! Cheers!
by donjo
No. I don't especially not now that it has been painted. I will however wipe over a dirty handprint or other marks on the walls, if needed. I haven't needed to since it was painted. I made sure that I asked the painter how best to remove dirty marks so as not to ruin his good paint job
What did he say, Lluxi?
by Vee
When I lived in rented accommodation I would always wash the walls before I left. The only walls I wash now are the toilet walls as I think they get germy, or on occasion when I have repainted. I remember washing my all walls in this house once during a spring clean. But that was a long time ago. The outside walls of my house could do with a wash, but I shall have to employ someone for that as I have sore arms and a weak shoulder.
Yes. Warm water, splash of vinegar, spot of dishwashing liquid. I thought everybody did. I do, my friends do, my family does. Walls get very dusty. Spring cleaning always involved wall washing in my day. (OMG! I am old!)
by Rice
LOL. I'm going to pass this on to my mother-in-law and husband.
by Vee
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