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Do you use petrol vouchers that you get from major supermarkets?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use the petrol vouchers you get from the major supermarkets?

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Top Answers
I no longer use these out of principal -all the grocieries are a higher price as someone has to pay for this gimmick, and it sure aint the large supermarkets!

So I would not buy their petrol, and anyway the saving is only about $1 each time I fill up and not worth waiting in a line.

I prefer to support the smaller companies who are battling against these supermarket giants and these giants are trying to push everyone out in many things.....

if everyone would stop, perhaps our grocereis could be cheaper
by Finy
I don't use mine at all.I totally agree with you Finy.
They think we are stupid?
That we can't work it out for ourselves.

Obviously jonaj -we ARE stupid or there wouldnt be long lines at these petrol stations!
by Finy
no no no Finy.....sheep do that stuff.
by jonaja
No. I refuse to. When you drive around and look at the prices, the advertised price of petrol per litre is always 4 cents higher that the independent operators like Liberty. Why keep scrap paper in my purse, when I can support the independents without spending more. Also, I would prefer to avoid the giant supermarkets and use a smaller one like IGA.
How odd -first two answers are similar to me and I thought I was the only one who does not agree with supermarkets selling petrol!
by Finy
Of course. It would be silly not to.....
are we three answered above you silly!
by Finy
Well.... maybe! I live in a different country don't forget, where the situation seems quite different - there are no small operators when it comes to buying petrol or diesel, only large ones and the supermarket prices are competitive. Food prices in the supermarket are not higher to compensate for the fuel savings - the fuel discount is a loss leader whereby the supermarket takes a hit on their fuel profit margin to get more people into their shops which increases volume of sales which in turn will lead to increased profits and an ability to negotiate better buying terms with their suppliers, which also improves profit margins but doesn't impact on customers.
If you really think the food prices are higher or the non-discounted fuel price is artificially high to offset the discount, then it makes sense not to use the discount but equally it makes no sense to carry on shopping at the supermarket, as then you are paying a higher price for your groceries but not benefitting from the lower price of the fuel..........
I do not drive, I do offer them to my pensioner neighbour and he has sometimes used them at the local independent service station close to home which accepts the IGA ones..
by Fran
No I don't use these
by AJ
We always do. My husband does the shopping as he is retired and he often plans it to maximise our petrol vouchers.
No I usually lose them
My petrol literage goes to my Qantas FF points! Not interested in the small amount of $2.40 'saving' for 60 Litres. Get 120 points instead! As petrol is a 'compulsory' buy, like groceries, I prefer points & they soon mount up!
Yes absolutely I use the vouchers any saving is worth it
no, .... the only reason for me to walk into either of the 'big 2' is to buy dog/cat food on special for my daughter's animals.
I have the most wonderful Foodland s/marker here in SA, and I buy my veg.from local business, and although I rarely buy meat, I would never buy it from s/markets.
no , just buy petrol whenever I need it and where ever I am at the time. that works ok for me, no hassle
It's not worth the effort. Usually I can get fuel (diesel) cheaper than their so called discount price. Most of our dockets stay stuck on the fridge until they are out of date.
no, have to travel to make use of them so what does one save by doing this
No, Aldi don't have them. We can find cheaper petrol anyway closer to our home. We relised those petrol vouchers were a ripoff! Do they still have them out there? I noticed the 1 used in the above photo, is from '14, & it's now July '16.
by Miro
PS: It's now May '18, & we've still never used a petrol voucher from a supermarket, even though we have had to buy a couple of food items from Coles, that Aldi doesn't' sell.
by Miro
I don't bother using the ones I get. I think it's a rip off!
I used to until I realised the independent service station on the highway near me was far cheaper (sometimes 12 cents or more cheaper) so I rather support them and it's always cheaper no matter how much the discount is with the vouchers.
no i do not, it would cost me the saving to drive to the petrol station . thats if they really are a saving on prices
Nope. It's a load of old hokum . . . Multinationals trying to make people think they are getting some kind of *fantastic* discount. The saving is a pittance; the queues are ridiculous; and who needs dockets coming out of purses, handbags and glove boxes? . . . Not me. When I need petrol, I usually plan to get it on the way to somewhere, not go out of my way to find it and then waste the *fantastic discount*.
by Rice
never, no benefit you use petrol to get to the petrol station where you use the vouchers, so the little you save is already spent on getting there.
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