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Do you use liquid soap or cake soap in the bathroom?

by Finy (follow)
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I have read that liquid soap does not make the tiles as dirty as bars of soap.

Have you heard this?

Do you use liquid soap or bars of soap to wash yourself with?

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Top Answers
I heard that liquid is cleaner and doesnt dirty the tiles in the shower as much, so I changed years ago.
I recently found some olive oil soap that I had used for felting, and I have been using this lately.

However once this is finished I will use only liquid as have dispensers for this built into the shower as well as hand washing dispensers.

I use organic liquids.
by Finy
Only ever Liquid.
Better for washing myself, and quicker...love it!
:( and where's my picture....runs screaming having a tantie on the floor!#*?
by jonaja
No tanties allowed here jonaj ---sorry
by Finy
but....but....my pics are not coming through....booo hooo :( very sad.
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, need one of your fab pics NOW, immediately, like yesterday, or I'll start suffering 'withdrawal symptoms'! Lol!
by donjo
Just spat the dummie....now rolling on the floor...upset :( no pic!
by jonaja
Sorry your photo hasn't come through yet. What's going on, behind our screens here? Your photo should have come through by now. I really enjoy your 'matched to question' photos! I don't know when you answered this question, but I just found it, August '17.
by Miro
Miro....your such a sweetheart :)
by jonaja
Liquid. I think it's more hygienic than a bar of soap that sits there. That's just me though, I haven't heard any 'expert' advice on this.
by Vee
Yes liquid definitely more hygienic in the toilet area. People lather up all the germs with the bar of soap, put it back onto the vanity side or container, then rinse the germs and suds off their hands and leave the germs drying onto the soap bar for the next person to lather up with.
by fran.
Fran, if soap is dry, there are NO germs! Any DRY surface doesn't 'attract' them. They need 'wet' conditions! Cheers!
by donjo
I vary between the two. Liquid us my preference for hand washing, but if I can't get to gg's shop always have a stockpile of bars of soap to hand.

We use liquid soaps.
Both! liquid to make the basin less messy and soap in the shower as I prefer it.
Liquid soap for now - with a bubbler so it isn't used too fast!
We use both.
I use both, mainly liquid on basin and sometimes soap in shower if I don't feel like using shower gel.....no reason, just 'me'!
by Fran
It doesn't really bother me either way, but I prefer liquid soap in the kitchen and bar in the bathroom/shower. As long as the soap is cruelty-free, that's all that matters to me. I use Velvet Sorbolene soap bars in the bathroom and BX Earth liquid soap in the kitchen. Both are available at Coles.
Liquid soap because it doesn't leave the residue that soap does, you also don't have the problem with slimy and cracking soap.
I have both in the bathroom and use either of the two depending on my mood.
I use both. G.
I haven't heard this before, but I've been using liquid soap for as long as I can remember. I think it's more hygienic than having the soap sit there all day accumulating everything's that happening in the same toilet on its surface.
Liquid soap actually.I think it is more hygienic than the solid one where you rub your dirty hands on it and leave them to dry.
Yes I've heard the same claim and generally found it to be true (i.e. that liquid leaves less scum etc). I use whatever and wherever, but my preference would be bar in the shower and liquid/gel elsewhere.
by kimp
liquid, creates less scum, halving your bathroom cleaning time and is less difficult to manage than squiggy bars of soap. You can also refill dispensers if you find your fave health shop or bulk supplier.......
I use liquid soap in the shower and kitchen and in the bathroom I have both for hand washing. The only reason I have bars of soap is that they are all presents which I am trying to use up so that I can get to use the liquid variety.
Soap cakes all. Use 'laundry' soap in kitchen & good ol' Cashmere Bouquet in bathroom. Sometimes other brands if CB too exxy. Always buy on special.
In Kitchen, always have used 'Sunlight' soap bar, & now also, Dettol Medicated Liquid.

In Bathroom, soap 'remnants' from Shower, & in Shower, a variety, eg Pears', Country Life, Cashmere Bouquet etc etc etc!
Have Medicated Liquid Soap at Washbasin, as well.

In Laundry, now, just medicated liquid soap. I my original house, at laundry tub, had both Sunlight & Solvol Soap bars, as it was downstairs, so came in from Garden or Car Maintainence, so needed those soaps there. Toilet & shower downstairs, had their own soap bars'.

Got all germs' 'covered' at my place! Yay!
I have been using liquid soap in the bathroom for the last thirty years since the birth of my first child. It was great. No scum. No more hard scrubbing. Now I have a second husband who is now a paraplegic and he only likes to use soap, so now I have a huge scummy bathroom to scrub. Oh well, it is helping my muscle tone.
It is true. Liquid soap is the winner in shower and on the basins and spa. When I turn the shower off, I wipe dry the tap handles and shower head and use a rubber blade wiper on the tiles and glass screen before stepping out to dry myself. It certainly does require far less maintenance than using bars of soap.
Handwashing - We use the foaming liquid ones and buy refill bottles from Aldi. Very economical. I have found much less mess and easier clean up with the liquid soap.
Shower - We have shower gels mostly but other half did buy me 24 bars of goat milk soap a while back. He keeps a bar of Solvol in the main bathroom and it is the pits . . . oh, the mess. It should be in the laundry but it must have legs because it keeps getting back to the bathroom (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻
by Rice
Rice - I use the Aldi refill handsoaps too. They come in a really good range and are very economical I find.
by norma
Sorry meant to add - my late husband was like yours - he always used Wright's Coal Tar soap. The smell was awful but he loved it. He also used the Coal Tar shampoo so the bathroom smelt unbelievable at times.
by norma
I know it's God-awful isn't it?
by norma
My father liked the coal tar soap as well, and through his job at an engineering lab, had access to a grey coloured, sandy style soap. I don't know the name of that brand though.
by amanda
I use liquid hand soap in the kitchen, bathrooms and the laundry. I use Victoria's Secret "Amber Romance" or Tabu shower/shampoo gel as I love the perfume they leave on my body, hair and in the bathroom.
Must be a man thing, norma, as my ex husband always had a coal tar shampoo . . . . our bathrooms must have smelled the same :-))
by Rice
Pretty awful eh?
by norma
Well . . I am sad for the way you have to be missing it, as awful as the smell is :(
by Rice
I have to confess I did keep the last bottle of shampoo he used and do have a sniff now and again. It still smells horrible though!
by norma
Liquid soap aways, but I do also have a couple of bars of soap, if I'm caught out!
by Miro
I went through a phase in my teens of collecting soaps and now, 20 years later, am still trying to use them up! So it's a cake of soap for me in the bathroom sink, though the toilet isn't in the bathroom here.

I have liquid soap downstairs at the kitchen sink.
Amanda, I also collected (perfumed) soaps as a teen, many, many years ago, & I'd put them into my underwear drawer, & that's where most of them still are to-day! Yes they still smell, & if they didn't still smell, I'd be using them in the en-suite, where I also use liquid soap.
by Miro
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