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Do you use home remedies for minor ailments?

by Sharmila Jayasinghe (follow)
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Many of us have had first hand experience with home remedies. The minute you got a runny nose your mother handed you a cup of warm coriander water, the moment your body temperature went up you were given a dose of chicken soup, any ailment in your stomach and first action would have been to give you water boiled with cumin seeds. If you felt like throwing up, you are promptly given a teaspoon of lime-juice mixed with ginger. Do these time-honored home remedies actually work? What are some home remedies that were passed on to you by your family?

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Top Answers
Yes very much. Not just as a child, I still do and swear by some of those. For example, for a continuous hacking cough, turmeric powder mixed with honey. It works better than cough syrups.
Long long before we could run to the doctor or fill a prescription we had to have, home remedies.
Chicken Soup is one of the very best, and has been proven to help with flu,ect.
Paw paw seeds (a teaspoon a day with honey) they say will kill worms and bad parasites in the stomach.Yes cumin seeds are wonderful.
Lemon in warm water is one of the best things to drink, on waking and during the day.It also helps with your weight a tad. Lavender is a great soother, for stress.
Rosemary under your pillow helps you sleep, and wake bright eyed.
If we all went back to 'some' remedies....believe me we would be half way to a
better life.Nature is there to help humans live well on this planet.
Most definitely. Perfect examples include Lavender oil for having a good nights sleep. Arnica for bruises, and Aloe Vera for sunburns to name.
How do you use the lavender oil for a good night's sleep?
by Polly
Polly, rub into temple, is the best.
I also have a 'Lavender Spray', which I press just 'one quick squirt' in bedroom before sleep. It's very calming!
by donjo
Absolutely. Just last week my daughter had a painful earache in the middle of the night. I gave her panadol and she woke up an hour later still screaming in pain, so I did some research and found out that a few drops of lukewarm olive oil in the sore ear would help. Being desperate to ease her pain and having no other solution in the middle of the night, I tried this and my daughter woke up the next morning feeling just fine. Not only did it ease her pain, it totally got rid of her ear infection and saved us a trip to the doctor and ear medication.
I've never had any home remedies. I was hardly ill as a child, and if I was, it was nothing more than a cold. For this, I would either suffer or take some tablets.
Most certainly. I love a good old home remedy. The oils, tisanes and teas of old are wonderful tonics and restoratives. Home made broths are great when one is down with a cold. I also use a neti pot for cold and sinus problems.
by Rice
I see we all love Lavender. Mmmm. I find that even Lavender hand cream, or even foot balm, will help me off to sleep. I don't put the oil on my pillowcase though as I don't like the marks it leaves. I usually put a little on a hanky or tissue on the bedside table.
by Rice
If you put a few drops of tea tree oil on your toothbrush under the toothpaste, You will never get gingivitis. The oil soaks into the gums and kills bacteria throughout the night. I told this trick to my friend who was about to get $4000 worth of dental work and when she went back to the dentist, he couldn't believe her gums were fine.
If you have a scar, make a thick slurry of sea salt with a little water. Apply to scar before bed and let dry. Do this every day and the scar will slowly disappear. This actually works. I've tried it myself.
Polly, Vitamin E Cream works just as well!
by donjo
Thanks for the tip!
by Polly
Oil of oregano on eczema. Kills whatever is in there and will peel off leaving no scars. If the eczema is infected, this will burn a bit, but that means it is working.
Thanks for all these wonderful tips, Mates! I love this group! Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! Your American friend:)
Gargle with warm salty water, for sore throat. Always works!

Make my own Chicken Consommé, if feeling ill, as it 'stays down'!

My Father always had a 'wee dram' o' Scotch, every night before bed. I never knew him to be sick!
He gargled every morning, with ONE grain of 'Condy's Crystal', & never got a sore throat.
Do NOT swallow, as is POISONOUS!
He lived to 82!

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