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Do you use a shopping list to do your grocery shopping?

by Sandy Ludinski (follow)
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It's so easy to get distracted when you're doing the grocery shop. I get annoyed with myself when I run in to the shops to get just a few items and then come out with a trolley full!

Do you use a shopping list to do your grocery shopping and do you stick to it?

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Top Answers
I do make lists and try to stick to it as I think this is a good budgeting tip. That said I'm having a year of blonde moments at the moment (or maybe it's baby brain) and I can't tell you how many times I've left my list at home!! Without a list my grocery bill is always higher than normal as I buy stuff I don't really need.
Your blonde moments sound like my senior moments!
I find it impossible to shop WITHOUT a list.... I do a meal plan for the week, write a list based on that then buy what is on the list and only what is on the list!
It makes it hard to be spontaneous or flexible if something changes later in the week but I just can't operate "on the fly" so my list and plan are essential for me!
You're so organised!
Yes, I always make a list and stick to it strictly.
Very disciplined!
Yes I use a list, I would forget stuff every trip if I didn't. I am not super strict about sticking to it, but I don't buy a lot of extra items either. I usually walk out of the grocery store with one or two extra items. On big grocery trips I will buy a max of ten extra items depending on the sales and our budget.
I need a list to combat my forgetfulness too.
With all good intention I write a list and use it.
When I leave the supermarket that intention has once again been blown away!

I just can not ever seem to stick to the list.
It's like someone else is doing my shopping for me.I look at the stash of bags in my boot, and sadly drive home to tell myself' 'next time''.

That sounds familiar!
I certainly have to use a list when shopping, otherwise i get a lot of non essential items and kick myself when i get home to realize the things that really needed. So these days i don't go shopping without one.
My wife is the one that composes the shopping list, then i would get the items mostly on the weekends. I would get the crucial items on the list first then i would probably get one or two other items to surprise my wife and sons. So, i don't always stick to the list very strictly unless i'm really low on money.
Always, as it helps me to avoid impulse buys. I tend to plan what I'm going to cook a few days in advance, and shop specifically for that, as well as any basic essentials (loo paper, etc) that we need.
I like to plan my meals for the week in advance, so I always shop with a list. Having said that, I am not averse to making some unplanned purchases.
by Vee
It's those unplanned purchases that make the trip worthwhile for me!
Totally agreed! :)
by Vee
I do not shop with a list.
I wonder in and test their marketing persuasiveness.

I know it's dangerous but I don't like to bury my head with a shopping list and miss out on the new release. I like to see what is out there.

Having said that, I am probably the best target for advertisers!
Yes, I've made quite a few impulse buys.

sigh*** where is that list... Hmmm.. I need to see what list pad they have out there...
I use a list so I don't forget things I need, but still manage to come out with a trolley full of stuff I hadn't thought to write down but still need.

Like loo paper and tissues, which never make it onto a list of mine.

Yes, it makes it easier when i go to the shops, and I tend to forget less. Also keeps me within a budget.
I now shop online so my list is on the computer.

As and when I run out of something, i just type it into my supermarket list, and then send it through and nowadays I pick it up instead of having it delivered.

When i did not shop online, I had to have a list as there is no way I would remember what I needed if I did not.

I am a real list person however -I make lists for everything.
by Finy
I always have an essential list but always end up with a few extras - usually on special.
by Lucy
I write lists but they don't always make it to the shop with me.
Yes. Always bring a list so I know the items we actually need!!! Anything above and beyond that would be anything on special. We usually stick to it if I do the shopping, but my husband might buy a few extras. We try to work out a menu for the week and buy accordingly.
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