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Do you thoroughly clean the inside of a chicken before cooking it?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Do you thoroughly clean the inside of a chicken before cooking it?

Do you take all the "offal" out and rinse the chicken?

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Top Answers
Yes I certainly do. I have a "thing" about doing this - it MUST be done!

I think my mother used to do it but I have been at friend's places where they do not do this and just wipe the outside of a chicken before baking.
by Finy
It says . . . "We want to protect you and your family from food poisoning in your own home, particularly when handling chicken. So we're saying: 'Donít wash raw chicken'. ... Cooking will kill any bacteria present, including campylobacter, while washing chicken can spread germs by splashing."
I don't think I am convinced . . . . never been sick yet.
by Rice
Also . . .Finy, do you wash yours in the sink or on the counter? I wash mine in the sink and always clean up after with spray cleanser and hot water. (and I am still thinking about your thoughts on take away shops . . . ick)
by Rice
I wash in the sink but I do not agree with all the hype about germs in the sink as if it were true we would all be sick all the tim e-I believe we are exposed to those germs so long that they do not affect us, and I do NOT necessarily wash the sink with soap after cleaning a chicken.
by Finy
Also, the photo . . . . we have all got to be 10 times more hygenic in our kitchens than that. . . . I thought the biggest sin of chicken was to let it get warm. I like to cook everything to death anyway, so I have probably cremated every nasty organism in my meats.
by Rice
That photo just goes to show that all this business about germs is rubbish -those people get used to the germs and do not get sick -if we were not so fussy, perhaps as a nation, we would not have all these "new" sicknesses and allergies. When I was young, no one had peanut allergies!
by Finy
Well done You!!! Your comment about the peanut allergies in recent times has made my day!!! Of all the many,MANY dreadful allergies I have had to be treated for since childhood,PEANUTS are one of the items which I am NOT allergic to!! It makes me think that it is not the actual peanut itself which causes the problem,but maybe what is used in the preparation, or the other stuff in the item WITH those dreaded peanuts,which is causing these allergies which suddenly so many kids seem to suffer with!!! There is a big, HUGE even, difference between allergy and sensitivity! Allergies can actually KILL, while sensitivities make you very sick. I don't know how I'd survive with a peanut allergy as Peanut Butter is one of my all-time favourite things to pig out on!! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!
by Jules
You should see me with a chicken! I am ruthless. I like to make my own stuffing so it has to be squeaky clean. I put salt into the cavity and scrape out any ookie stuff then I rinse it thoroughly and make sure it is dry. Seemed we all learned from our mothers. :-))
by Rice
NOT all rICE, AS I said, some people do not do it! I wonder if take away chicken places do it!
by Finy
So true, Finy. . . . . and it scares me to think of it!!!
by Rice
YES!!I have always done so as I have learned by seeing my own mum doing this from when I was very small! We have never been much into Stuffing a chicken,though we do make a pretty special mix to stuff a turkey with!! Living alone,I do not cook whole chickens very often anymore,as I would never use this much chicken all by myself. But if I am cooking for visitors,then I definitely still have to do the routine cleaning of the inside of a chicken.
Honestly, I have never bought a whole chicken.
by Vee
I no longer cook chicken, only buy it once in Blue Moon.
But! some are now saying Do NOT wash the chicken?
cannot make your photo bigger so cannot read the reasoning?
by Finy
It's there just to give people an option to look up the info in Google(where ya can find just about anything)..lol
by jonaja
Mum soaked in salt water prior to cooking, then rinsed it in fresh water. I do the same.

But what about the chicken?
by Rice
Stuff the chicken.........tee hee.

by speci
Gee, if washing chook under running tap water, over kitchen sink, how messy have you got to be to splash everywhere?

Disagree with NOT washing it!

I remember my Mother, who was an excellent cook, being emphatic re: washing chicken, inside, & outside. Then pat dry with paper towelling.

Husband was retired food scientist who also stated above, & said once that done, & chook cooked THOROUGHLY, bugs are no longer present.

There's a few other rules about chook too, but from the tone of replies' here, all would seem to be aware.
I have never made a roast chicken in my whole married life !!! We prefer lamb. I dearly love chicken more than other meats, but we have just never roasted it. I'm sure that I would clean out the insides if I were to roast the chicken. Doesn't sound like it would be clean if you didn't. You have to be so careful when preparing chicken. My husband has done a food handlers course and there are things that you must do with chicken, that either do not apply, or aren't as stringent with other meats.
Oh! Lluxi, IMO, there's not much that can beat a Roasted Chook, maybe Leg o' Lamb, with all the roasted veggies, & gravy! Yummy to the nth degree!
I prepared this weekly for 40 years, & NEVER have had a problem!

When working, used to put a prepared chook into Crock-Pot, with veggies, & stock, before leaving house. Would come home to cooked meal, whose aromas' we could smell, as we walked up the steps! Just sooooo tender!

Love the chook! Sometimes, I get a Rotisseried one from Woolies, & serve with Salad, & gravy, if I don't feel in the mood to cook at night these days! Cheers!

by donjo
No I do not wash the chicken as you are not meant to wash chicken. All bacteria is killed in the cooking process.
by AJ
My husband used to have a family owned chicken producers operation years ago. He was, and still is, very particular about how chickens should be handled. As he mainly wins our frozen chickens at golf, he is usually the one who prepares them for roasting. And yes, they are done in the kitchen sink under running water, totally cleaned out, paper towelled dried and then stuffed ready for the oven bag.
I don't cook a whole chicken. I buy cooked from Safeway/Woolies. Wonder if they clean them beforehand ?
Anyway, those chooks are so cooked that they couldn't possibly have a germ left on or in them - so cooked that there is hardly any meat left on them.
You can tell on the insides if there is brown/grey cooked bits which are insides and what I always take out -I dont think they do -I buy Red Rooster but would not eat the stuffing as it rests of these bits of whatever -liver etc and most likely they would do absolutely no harm as we eat them anyway and I have never had a problem with a bought chicken as far as getting sick, so it is a lot in OUR minds and what the media make a fuss about!
by Finy
I never buy whole chickens, as we donít have a workable oven, so I only buy chicken thighs. I used to only buy chicken breast, but was then informed that the chicken thighs have more flavour.
by Rice
I never buy whole chickens, as we donít have a workable oven, so I only buy chicken thighs. I used to only buy chicken breast, but was then informed that the chicken thighs have more flavour.
Yes I always wash the chicken cavity thoroughly removing any excess fat from the entrance into the cavity.
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