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Do you think our PM is incompetent?

by Matteo Lor (follow)
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tony abbott
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According to an article in Fairfax media today a US think-tank believes that Tony Abbott is incompetent.

What do you think?

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Top Answers
I agree 100%.
I also think that my PM (David Cameron) is incompetent. There are very few world leaders at the moment who inspire any confidence in me.
I know nothing about Tony About, but I second what Verity said
He's completely incompetent. He's a racist, sexist GIT, and a bumbling fool to boot. What an embarrassment.
Well if the U.S. thinks it......it must be True!


The US is more incompetent than a LOT of Countries....They are so badly in debt.

I follow what they do every single day.
So there is no way I would give much thought to what they think.
They can't even look after their own people.....what a joke! LOL.

As for Tony, well give me a good P.M. and we can compare.

Each of them have fallen short.
Every single one.....Some (may) have been better by 5 mins, but we have not found one that has not lied their pants off!
No I do not think he is incompetant.....
by Finy
I don't think he's incompetent. He doesn't express himself very well sometimes & can say some silly things, however that doesn't make him incompetent.
Yes he CAN say some silly things, like saying that the Japanese were honourable soldiers inter alia, that made me consider him suitable for trial for treason. When he offered to make Prince Phillip a Knight, made me feel like he should be hospitalised or at least shipped back to the Old Country.
When he said that he was the suppository of wisdom, I thought he was quite informed.
by fran.
I don't think he is incompetent I think he is just limited. However, he wasn't in charge of the country during the time of the GFC (thank God), but if he had been, I think we would be a whole lot more worried than we are now. I think Joe Hockey is the most incompetent person all round in the LNP
Idon't know whether he's incompetent, but he is naive, blokey, and has turned the clock back in our country to the 70s, trade deals.... he'll have been eaten alive - when you look at where the countries he's signed up, where they were in the 60s, where they are now... we'd need to have people with a lot more cleverness, know their histories, etc....
Apart from that, as a woman, I just dont like him or his lycra.
As for Obama, I heard his latest speech, and I would love a leader here who could do as he did, as for his track record, well, for starters, his health policies would give him my vote. US employment rate - now higher than here in oz.
by sandw
No, he's not! You try & sort total MESS left to him by Labor & see if you could achieve what he's done so far.
He's a good, CHRISTIAN man & he's certainly better to have 'in the chair' than any useless Labor pollie who only knows how to spend money he's not got. Just look at the SIX years' KRudd/Gillard/Krudd were in. What a shambolic mess.....

to be a true christian and a politician is practically impossible.

by sandw
To Sandw.......your reply tells me you don't know much about our PM.
by donjo
hmm. i can see we think very differently (and hmm. p'raps I do know quite a lot about him), but we are fortunate to live in a democracy where we can say things that would have us disposed of in some countries. You and I will disagree, I have respect for people like Ted Mack, Tony Windsor,Andrew Wilkie, Fred Chaney, Bob Brown. I commented on this site that I rarely read onsite media where there is so much venom, but not a lot of
fact, and that this site is full of what i see as good humans,
by sandw
To Sandw......ah well! will agree to disagree! My info certainly points to a person of high moral fibre. But there's the diversity of free speech!
by donjo
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