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Do you think elderly people should drive?

by Gia (follow)
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Elderly Woman, Morguefile.

Do you think that older persons should stop driving when they get to a particular age to prevent accidents?

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Top Answers
If they are fit to and can drive well, why not !! They do have a right to be independent .
by BK
I have seen people late 60's and they should not be on the road.

I have also seen people in their late 70's, and they are very good.
I would think if a person is not quick to respond on the road.....there is NO room for mistakes.
So on that one and only point, stay driving if you can react in time.

Get off, if you can't....peoples lives are at risk.....simple.

No I think that once they are physically fit and able to drive then there is no reason why they shouldnt. Most accidents are caused by young drivers anyway, so I think it would be unfair to label all elderly people as the cause of accidents.
It's not about age, but capability. While some elderly may no longer be able to drive safely on the road - reaction time, eyesight, etc - others may be perfectly fine. I think once someone turns 70 they should have to retake a driving test every few years just to make sure.
I think that if a person is willing and able, they should continue to drive. Also, I don't think that retaking a driving test is fair. Medical exams to prove they are able to drive should suffice.
by Vee
I think elderly people should be subjected to a physical and psychological examination by certified practitioners. If they pass, they should be allowed on the road. In reality, age does affect a person's decision making skills, some more than others. So I think persons beyond a certain age must be screened.
what do you class as elderly? wait until you reach that age group and see how you change your mind and how you fair… most "elderly" drivers are more experienced etc… test everyone every few years not just the elderly...
by brigi
Twice a week I am driven home a short distance by a man in his late 80's and his observations/reflexes are probably better than some younger drivers. this man served in the RAF during World War two, so has that perspective as well.
"Elderly" is such a misused word, many many younger drivers haven't got a clue how to drive and they are discourteous on the road. Fit and able should be the norm for all drivers…
if i did not drive i would be stuck , how does one go shopping let alone bringing it home, go to visit friends and relatives, play sport lawn bowls
meet friends for lunch, weekend breaks away by driving to destination.
in other words i would be housebound I dread the thought ,

No, I don't. There are plenty of bad drivers of all ages! Most accidents are not caused by someone's age. There are sufficient safeguards in place to ensure that as drivers age, they are still competent. Accidents happen, no matter how careful you are. Ones caused by an elderly person just tend to hit the headlines in a way that other accidents don't.
Once hit 75, there should be a simple test to check if person capable of Driving SAFELY!
This should be done every six months, until point is reached of 'dangerous on road' & Licence suspended.

Just fed-up to the back teeth with all these 'oldies' slamming into shops, houses, fences, backyard pools. Life threatening & property damageing at a minimum.

It's obvious they DON'T know the difference between the accelerator & the brake! Should be immediate Licence suspension if this happens!

Also blame the fact that these 'oldies' are driving automatic, & in some cases, very powerful cars. They should be on 'manual geared' cars only!
Too many innocent people are being hurt. Remember Sophie di Lizio? An elderly driver, losing control of his car caused her horrific ongoing life injuries.
An elderly driver KILLED a pregnant Mum locally. Same driver drove on busy road on the wrong side as well. She's ga-ga & had been for years!
In her 80's & would've been off the road ten years' earlier if tests were in place from 75.

How many more people have to die or be maimed, until law changes?

I am with you one hundred per cent. Older people can be very dangerous. We had to beg my dads doctor to get him off the road. He is blind in one eye and sight in other is not good. My mum refused to get in the car with him. He had to re- take his licence and after three attempts, he failed. Thank goodness he is off the road. Mum drives him around or he gets a taxi or a bus. He is still very independent, not house bound at all.
by Lluxi
It depends on the individual. If the older person has their wits about them and is competent, then yes. The current idea of 'the elderly' being subjected to various tests is ridiculous. There are many younger drivers who drive badly.
Haven't seen many old codgers fielding a text whilst checking out their make up at a green light.
Not hoons.
Not fast and reckless
Not fair
Put the minimum driving age up to 25.
Colin (fairly old codger)
My Dad is 91 and lives in NSW. Once a person turns 85 they are required to undergo a full driving test each two years as well as a medical from the gp. He passed his last driving test this year. Before his first full driving test at aged 85 years he went for driving lessons as we all pick up bad habits over the years, and some of the road rules change. Great idea as he passed first time and has done ever since. At the other end of the "age" spectrum with some of the P plate drivers on the road I wonder where they get theirs from. High speed and chopping and changing lanes makes me want to draw breath. In the end its about being deemed fit to drive whatever the age, and let's not forget that us other drivers on the road need to use commonsense and courtesy as well.
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