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Do you tend to put off till tomorrow what could be done today?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever put off doing something till tomorrow that could be done today?

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Top Answers
Yes, I definitely put things off -can't be bothered doing them often, and think, "it will still be there tomorrow" -trouble is tomorrow never comes, as they say.

So I often procrastinate over jobs I do not like to do -the ones I enjoy, get done quickly and on time.
by Finy
No. I like to get things done so I don't have to think about doing them!

I am a pretty organised person so not often, like to get things dong, have lists and dates marked down etc...have a small business so perhaps this makes a difference...not sure...think it is just 'me'
by Fran
Depends. Some things I do. Housework definitely.
All the time! I'm such a procrastinator! Having said that, I am getting better.
by Vee
When I was at work,I was very organised though if things were of little importance,I would tend to procrastinate with them! Now that I cannot work,I just do what I am able to,and really do not care about the things which I cannot manage.Rther than putting off or procrastinating,I simply don't feel their position on the Importance List is high enough to bother with worrying about!!
I once received a fabulous magnet from a dear friend which says 'My idea of housework is Sweeping the Room with a Glance!' I love this SO much,as there are far more important things than House work,don't you agree?!! I DO like to have my bills all paid on time though!!
Any time I have admin things to do like filling out forms - I'll always put it off until last minute
by AJ
I really try hard not too.

That niggle I get is not worth it, drives me crazy.So I try to get it all done,then relax.
If I am unwell.....to heck with it all!
Not if I can help it because it will bug me until I get it done.
It really depends on what it is as to what
I do.
YES, I am the biggest PROCRASTINATOR in the world!!
No, I prefer to get unfinished things done on the day rather than leave them to another
yes, procrastinator but less so these days. learn from guys and to the last thing first and do what else fits after that. then you remain on top, do all the high profile stuff and leave the middle bit for a rainy day!!! ha, reverse procrastination!
No as I use the attitude I may not be able to tomorrow as one does not know what tomorrow will bring.
Yes, all the time!
Greatest procrastinator under the sun, now I'm retired!
Before retirement was the most organised person ever. Since retirement a different story - like Finy my attitude now is more "it will still be there tomorrow". I think I spent my working life being so organised that I am now rebelling against that a bit!
Frequently !
No I am a bit of a procrastinator, nothing ever seems that important since I left work where we were always on strict time tables, for reports, appointments etc.
In the workplace:
Never do today when can be done tomorrow - because tomorrow you may call in sick, and some other poor unfortunate can do it for you !
I try to get things done without putting it off. I feel so much better with myself when I do.
Very rarely. LIke its said ' never stand when you can sit and never do something tomorrow what you can do today.'
I try to get tasks done without putting them aside for another day. Sometimes though, I haven't a choice and have to leave something not finished.
Yes, I do put things off, by the time I get home from work, I'm not in the mood to do anything,and on my days off, it depends in what mood I.m in.
Plenty of times, especially the ironing, and I know it has to be done, and sorting things out e.g. like papers,documents, I tend to leave them on a pile.
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