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Do you take off your shoes before entering your own home or somebody else’s house?

by Vee (follow)
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Image by Milliped. Sourced from Wikimedia Commons

There is no way you can get into my mother’s place without first taking off your shoes. I, on the other hand, am not too fussed provided you’re not going to leave muddy footprints all over my floor.

Where do you stand on this? Do you take off your shoes before entering your own home or somebody else’s house? For you, does this have anything to do with custom or respect?

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Top Answers
In my own house we do. I like the kids to because we have chickens and they might step in poo and/or wear put their shoes on the furniture, and I take mine off because I just prefer to be barefoot at home. I don't require it of visitors, but people often take their shoes off when they see ours at the door. I wouldn't do it at someone else's house unless it's something they do.
I take my shoes off at other friends homes if it is their custom, they have other footwear to wear in exchange. Although that sometimes feels odd I respect their wishes. At home, don't have kids but I don't feel precious about my floors even when had giant breed dogs, still have a cat. Many more things to concern myself about than a bit of dirt on the floor. Of course there are big mats at entrances to wipe feet and that is sufficient.
I go by house rules. At home I am forever slipping off my shoes and then not being able to find them. However, aside from that, I seriously WANT the shoes in the photo!! Dear Santa . . .
by Rice
Haha, aren't they lovely?!
by Vee
Yes, yes, yes !! Mary Janes, kitten heels, in red, with polka dots!!! *squeeeeeee* Perfect. Now, where did I put my tap shoes? . . . . because I seriously want to wear them right now.
by Rice
I think Mini Mouse wore the same kind?
by jonaja
No, I keep my shoes on around that house and I wouldn't take them off at someone else's unless they asked.
I take off my shoes most of the time at home, just for comfort's sake.
by Vee
Yes...we take off our shoes always when going into the house.

Out side shoes are left on the veranda,unless they are real good ones....then they have a place in the bedroom.
As for other peoples homes, we judge the vibe, and are quick to take off our shoes, if we have too.
For me, I have always had light coloured carpet, and with 3 son's you have to keep it looking nice.
Plus, I don't like outside dirt in my home, and it really makes a big difference over a year on any carpet.
At someone else's place I offer to take them off but at home I don't bother unless it's been raining.
I have polished floorboards. I can't handle women wearing stiletto heels around my house because they can mark or indent the floor. I can't understand the same women having to be asked not to thump through the house with stiletto heels on, because I don't understand how they can bring such attention to themselves every time the move around. Other than that, as long as people do the usual wiping of their shoes on the large, obvious front door mat, I don't care. We have a lot of rugs and once a year, right on Christmas, I have them dry cleaned. I am more worried about people feeling comfortable in my home. I also worry about my shoes somewhat when in other people's homes and simply try to pick up on what they do and try to follow it.
Why? Never have, never will!
Gross silliness! One way to get socks filthy, & I feel 'weird' without shoes on!
If it is their custom then definitely - I check doors and feet on the way in and if they have a nice house or I guess I should say well kept house I ask upon entering.
Generally no. However if the custom in the place I am visiting, I do.
I love those polka dot shoes - anything polka dot floats my boat!
Regards the question, I prefer being barefoot around my own home - just love the feeling of bare feet on tiled floors. Wouldn't take my shoes off in someone's home unless specifically asked to (ie bad weather, mud etc.).
You track e.coli in on your shoes. If anyone sits on the floor, it's not healthy. Better to a) be healthy b) respect cultural beliefs c) respect personal household preferences. It's normally not hard in Brisbane to remove your shoes!

Yes in most cases unless the host says no.
But always if it has been raining or ground is dirty.
It is respectful, and custom in many Asian countries.
I only not wear them in the house, for comfort. In winter, I wear my slippers all day, when I'm staying
home, & would take of my shoes in someone else's house, If they asked me too.
by Miro
Yes, I take my shoes off.
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