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Do you still have newspapers delivered, and how often do you read them?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still get newspapers delivered, and how often do you read them?

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Top Answers
I just have one Sunday paper delivered and I only do this as I want the TV programme. Most of the paper -I do not read anyway as see enough bad news on television.

I have a friend who still gets the paper every day and two on saturdays.
by Finy
I used to also get the Sunday paper delivered,and for the v ery same reason,but the guide has deteriorated so much,I cannot be bothered with it at all!!! I just check the tv guide on the net!!
by Jules
No,I have not done this for many years! I find the news coverage in the Townsville Daily Paper isd very poorly presented,and I prefer to catch up with SBS or ABC news.
I don't.

But about a month ago I saw a real live paper boy!
I had not seen one in year and years.That gave me a big smile.
but where is the picture??
by Finy
yours was so sweet, I didn't want to put one. :)
such a dear little fellow.
by jonaja
I get the Sunday Times and enjoy reading in bed with a cup of tea catch up on news you don't get through the week

No, I never have. I only read our local newspaper which my family deliver!
I have never had a newspaper delivered
by AJ
NoI don't have any delivered but most times I buy the Sat and Sun papers
by Fran
No, I'm not sure that they even do that in my area anymore. I get my propoganda, sorry, news, online.
LOL Sarah!
by Finy
Haha. I'm with you. Misinformation and propoganda.
by annfi
We on'y get the Sunday paper delivered and are seriously thinking of canceling that. Half the time they don't deliver it and then it's full of rubbish! We're reading our news online more and more.
I've never had a paper delivered but back in the days before I became a parent, my daily treat was to stroll to the newsagent, buy the paper then spend a good hour or so reading it thoroughly. If I could do it sat in the sunshine with a cup of tea and a biscuit then all the better :)

Nowadays, I have less time to indulge myself so I read the news online as I'm making breakfast and getting everyone up and out of the door in the morning...
No. I read the Weekend paper with my mum when she visits me each weekend. she has it delivered to her home once a week. she reads it several times throughout the week and does the quiz with any unsuspecting visitors forgetting the answers each time. very sweet.
Yes, and it's recently changed from the local newsagent to a larger distribution centre, and I've had several mistakes - weekend papers not delivered (I have a 7 day subscription), and just this morning got the wrong one delivered. Each time I've rung up and mentioned it, and the newspaper office has extended the subscription by a day, each time one's been missed.

have not had one delivered for over thirty years found it was a waste of money.
before that t was good for bdm and for sale of property on a saturday kept one up to date

I used to get the paper delivered a few days a week, about 30 years ago. I would grab the sections I wanted to read on the train.
Gave up that years' ago as sick & tired of their NOT being delivered, or the wrong one.

Delivering newsagent couldn't give a. ..., as this was only a 'hobby' income, or tax dodge! He owned the block of multiple shops, where his shop was located, so was wealthy from their rental income.
Amazing how these immigrants from nearby country, have the money to buy a block of shops in well-to-do area!

Also got to a point of exasperation, as oftentimes, unable to get plastic off paper, then had to contend with 'curly', unreadable paper! Yuck! One of my pet hates!
NO. They are so boring.
I am an information junkie who does not have television. I have my local newspaper delivered. I read it pretty much cover to cover except only select business articles and no sports.
I used to subscribe to several magazines but with the advent of the internet, I had to cancel them.
We used to gave one of the Sunday papers delivered years ago but got fed up with it not being on the lawn, or soaking wet or not delivered at all so having to drive to the newsagent to complain and get a replacement newspaper, it became apparent that we may as well buy in person and get the right newspaper. Then along came the paper boy who was a godsend. We had an arrangenent that if we weren't going to be home because of an early sporting start, we'd leave the money in the letterbox and he'd leave the newspaper near our door. Unfortunately he left after a long tine and we were without a delivery person yet again so we still drive to pick it up. We do have two free local newspapers delivered which I read cover to cover and this keeps me up to date with what's happening in our community.
I have the paper delivered daily, mainly so we get the weekend paper early for my husband. I might read one paper a week because I cannot bear the sad news... Recently I discussed cancelling the papers, but I have been needing them in the bottom of my bird cage where my baby quail live. I recycle them onto the garden to suppress weeds and they make the soil so friable.

We haven't had them delivered for years & years, & only read the ones we pick up from the airport stands for free, when we travel from Sydney to Melbourne & return, 4/5 times a year! they don't have the SMH anymore though which is a shame!
Even though the SMH is now less than 1/2 it's
size, the price has gone up to $2.80, so I would never pay to read 1!!!
by Miro
No, I don't have the paper delivered, I buy it when I'm out and about.
delivered - not for many many years,
NY Times every weekend and yes i read them and enjoy them....

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