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Do you still drink hot tea or coffee when it is a very hot day?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still drink hot tea or coffee in very hot weather?

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Top Answers
Yes! I still enjoy a freshly brewed pot of delicious and very refreshing tea in hot weather! I guess because my parents also did this when I was little,Dad explained to me that the shock of a really COLD drink on a very hot day could not be very good for the system,and I have just followed suit with this. I also like my water at ROOM temperature,rather than cold. I suppose those hideous 'Brain-Freeze' pains when eating ice cream as a kid may have been some small form of proof that he might possibly be correct?!!
Yet again, Jules, yet again. *high five*
by Rice
Such a cheerful response Rice!!! We truly DO agree on so many things!!! By the way,I did send a further response to the comment you sent to my Lychee Answer earlier.Did you see it?
I have just brewed a delightful pot of tea and am enjoying the first cup!!
by Jules
Okay . . . off to look right now!
by Rice
I mostly still have my coffee a day for around afternoon tea time, however on really hot days of about 37 and over, I sometimes have an iced coffee instead.

I love my hot coffee.
by Finy
I don't drink anything Hot in Hot weather.

It is just something I would find hard to do.

I love a hot drink only if the outside Temp has gone down a fair bit.

Winter will see the increase for me to partake of the hot stuff. :)
I take a cup of coffee every morning irrespective of the weather and yes, hot!
I don't drink hot drinks period.
Would go cooler drinks in hot weather!
Iced Tea & Coffee, sparkling mineral water, ice cold cordial, & coca-Cola!
Oh yes. I have a cuppa first thing in the morning no matter what the weather. It is cool inside the house. For the rest of the day I will drink water. I do like a cuppa after dinner despite the heat. It helps me unwind at the end of the day.
hot tea on a hot day will cool you done, learnt about this from my father. it does work.
what about hot coffee?
by Finy
no to coffee, tea is more refreshing , tea has always been drunk in the heat in australia and not this terrible weak english breakfast tea and similar that is served up in the restaurants.
by flaga
Hot weather, cold weather and weather that's in-between, I'll still enjoy a few cups of tea. Admittedly consumption is highest during winter but I don't stop drinking hot beverages simply because the weather is hot.
Tea, tea, tea. Morning, noon and night and anytime in between - even if it is 35 degrees. I cannot drink cold tea and I don't like commercial iced teas . . . FAR too much sugar. I can't imagine not being able to drink tea. . . it is my version of crack cocaine.
by Rice
Me too Rice. We would get on fine.
by annfi
I'm not drinking coffee at the moment but the heat would not stop me from having a hot coffee.
by AJ
No i dont
It makes no difference to me weather-wise but I have to agree that hot tea definitely is more refreshing on a hot day even though I tend to drink more coffee. Always have Chinese green tea when I eat out at my favourite Chinese restaurant.
Sometimes. If the forecast is for a very hot day and I remember I will make up a jug of ice tea the night before- usually green tea with strawberries in it.
Yes - must have my latte in the morning, usually about 11.a.m.) with two morning coffee biscuits. Don't usually have breakfast as I never feel like eating first thing. Get the "munchies" round about 11.a.m. so satisfy them with coffee and biscuits. Doesn't matter whether it is a hot or cold day.
Should have added that I do drink litres of water daily, especially when weather is hot.
by norma
Hi norma. Re Glasgow kiss . . . not Scottish. English. I love Scotland though :-)
by Rice
Rice - You have good taste!!
by norma
We were so happy meandering through Scotland. Fell in love with Cawdor Castle. Loch Ness . . .HUGE!! Edinburgh and it's castle. The Firth of Forth. The Gorbels. All so beautiful and so much history. We were going to do a week in France and just never left Scotland. LOL. Next trip, peut-etre.
by Rice
My husbane is slowly converting me to iced peppermint tea for this hot weather. No additives at all so no calories.
I enjoy a hot cup (or mug) of coffee whatever the weather. I drink plenty of plain water all year round as well.
Yes I certainly do.....all it takes is to be inside with the air conditioner on and I'm ready for a good cuppa!
No matter what the weather is like outside, I always have a latte after my breakfast, & a cup of peppermint tea for afternoon tea. If Im out somewhere, I'll have another latte.
I have hot coffee every morning no matter what!
by Vee
If the weather is hot, I tend to drink water but I will still have tea with breakfast and after dinner because I am a creature of habit and breakfast wouldn't be the same without a cuppa.
Yes,always enjoy a nice cup of tea. A cold drink is not something you can sit & relax over, just not the same!
Yes, I still drink hot tea in hot weather.

I probably shouldn't as I also experience hot flushes, but I love tea. Must be addicted
My choice is tea. I find it very refreshing. I like it black with a squeeze of lemon.☕️🍋☕️🍋Jennifer
I don't remember a day I haven't had coffee since I was 16 years old. People ask my how I can drink coffee when it is hot, and my answer is, "hot coffee makes me feel cooler because it is hotter than the weather."
Yes I enjoy a cup of tea on a hot day. I find it refreshing.☕️☕️☕️☕️
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