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Do you sit through advertisements on TV or do you mute?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you watch commercial television?

Sometimes there are up to 8 advertisements and the time dedicated to these is often almost as much as the section of the programme we are watching.

Do you sit through these advertisements, get up and do something, or simply mute the TV when the advertisements come on?

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Top Answers
I tend to mute often, and after a while I get sick of watching Commercial channels and warch more ABC.
Even SBS now has ads though they do not have as many.

I often now watch on the computer but some have ads there too which I cannot fast forward, but at least on the computer, there are not as many.

I guess that is why it is free.
by Finy
I don't watch much television but when I do I often enjoy watching the ads as well. Many of them are absolutely hilarious!
We now do not watch much t.v. like 10%.
For the very reason of 'Add's'!
We use our computer to watch what is on t.v., like a show ect.
Mostly FF it as we see our favorite programs recorded.
I either switch the channel or go and do something else, and come back after a couple of minutes.
Mute, mute, mute...all the time, there is always something to get/do in the breaks and you have plenty of time!!
by Fran
I'm with you Fran, mute, mute, mute or turn audio right down & use the ad break as a toilet break or make myself a drink, get some munchies.
by helya
I channel surf and sometimes end up watching 2 shows, especially if the other half is with me and wants to watch something different!
I either mute the television or leave the room and do something constructive.
by Vee
I really try to get up and get moving during the commercials. Lets face it there are so many of them you can get quite a bit achieved during the breaks.
I make cups of tea, take the dog to the toilet, check an email, or whatever else tempts me during this time off from my show!.
I switch. There are plenty of thingsonTV these days?

Sidenote: for those considering flicking, be aware that your partner can get very annoyed!
LOL Matt! I used to have this done to me and I DID get annoyed -just as I was "into" a show, whoosh, it was gone....
by Finy
I usually use the time to get something else done
I rarely sit through them
by AJ
I probably VHS tape 99% of TV programmes, just so I can 'FF' through adverts. which now come in blocks of TEN to TWELVE AT A TIME! Total @&$-!
It's very rarely I watch a tv show 'live' at time it's aired!
Person in photo is holding remote wrong way round, so nothing will happen, as 'beam' pointing at her not tv, or VCR!
Oh! My bad! Posted this in the wee hours! Sorry folk!

Speaking of remotes, I don't have one for my large 1983 GE TV!
Another reason why I VHS tape any show I want to watch!
'Time shifting' is a marvellous facility!
by donjo
No she isn't. You can see the brand name down the bottom where it always is and the power on button at the top. She's got it right.
by poppy
Read above. I corrected myself.

So you wasted your time & effort commenting!

by donjo
I don't mind tv ads when I am watching my fave shows and I am not interested in other any show on at the same time. But if I am interested in shows on other stations at the same time, I will switch over and hope I won't get an ad on the other channel as well. But there usually is an ad thats when they annoy me. Some are very bad but a few are really enjoyable. They dont worry me like they worry others these days. My husband is one who hates ads and constantly wants to mute them at least. And actually I think they are worse on catch up on the tv when you can't fast forward or switch the channels.
I..Mute, mute, & mute them! If my husband is in the room, he’ll un-mute when the ads have finished, so I can go & start the washing up, or put on a load of wishing, or look at my e-mails, while waiting for the show to restart.

At the moment, while writing this, I have the same 4 ads on my laptop page, from a travel firm.
Since finding this question again, our mute button has now stopped working, so my husband now changes the channel & I leave the room! if we want to speak to each other in the ad brake, he has to turn the tv off!
by Miro
Ahhh, mute. My favourite button on the remote...
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