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Do you shred personal documents not needed, or just put them in the rubbish?

by Finy (follow)
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Identity theft seems to be quite a problem at the moment.

Do you shred personal papers/addressed envelopes, or anything with your name and address on it, no longer needed, or just put them in the rubbish bin?

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Top Answers
Several weeks ago I bought a tiny hand shredder and realised how many addressed envelopes, mail I was just throwing in the bin, so when a larger, electrical shredder came into the op shop I manage, I decided to buy it.

Since then I am regularly shredding things with my personal details on it -I would not have thought of it had I not seen the first small shredder, as I always just put everything in the rubbish bin.
by Finy
We are definitely Shreddy Freddies in this house. I remember as a small child seeing my mother tear things into tiny shreds if there were names and any other info in view. It is quite funny really when you think about how much of our info must be "out there" in cyberspace . . . electoral, banking, phone and electricity etc. I think shredding makes us feel that we have some degree of control.
by Rice
by jonaja
I rip up everything with personal details on it before putting it in the bin
by AJ
I don't have a shredder at home, but I do like to destroy personal papers or anything with my name or address on it. I usually just cut it up with scissors or use a black marker and draw over it.
Yes, monika, I cut up expired credit cards, into tiny pieces, with scissors.

Those pieces are then distributed among my FIVE rubbish bins, so there's NO chance they'll be put together again!

Just gotta be sure!
by donjo
That's what I do too!!!
by Monika
I have been telling my self to get a shredder for years!~!!
Still have not got one, so have to use a big black texta on vital info, the rip~rip~rip.
Why do we not burn things any more? Remember the days when everyone had a backyard incinerator?
by Rice
yEP....but now I think we are not allowed to have one, but I remember.
by jonaja
Ah. well, that explains it. I suppose they fell into the "fire hazard" category.
by Rice
Yes, Rice, & smoke pollution!

We'd an incinerator for many years', & I had 'fun' put aerosol cans into it! They used to make a spurting sound, as any liquid remains were heating up, then loud B A N G!
When cleaning out the ashes, which then went onto garden, I saw the cans had a jagged hole in them. That's why I stood many metres' away!
by donjo
We have a shredder, but I get it out only for really important documents. Otherwise, I just chuck 'em in the bin.
by Vee
love the pic in this one!
by jonaja
Love the bloke IN the pic! Yay!
by donjo
LOL. I'm glad you both enjoyed it then.
by Vee
Shredded to smithereens'! Any u required letters, or envelopes!

Any prescribed medication boxes get the 'big black marker' on label, before going into recycling bin!

Nothing can be traced, is my life-long hope!
Aw heck, we are going to have to call ourselves the Barmy Army soon! Could we get a bunch any more alike?? I LOVE IT. Hahahahahahahahahah
by Rice
by donjo
Yes we use common sense on what we shred with our personal details etc, but also, we don't shred unnecessary items to save power and the machine.

Then it goes either as recycled paper for the printer using the blank other side, or mulch from the shredder, and or the recycle bin if unusable in the garden.

Hardly anything just goes in the bin these days.
I just cover personal details with thick black texta.
We rip them up and put them in the recycle bin. We don't own a shredder. My dad is a bit paranoid about identity theft. He puts black ink over his name and address before disposing of papers. It hasn't happened to him yet, at his age. Gotta love him for being so careful. He used to be in the legal profession and identity theft was around even then, pre computers when he was working.

I used to cut everything within sight into tiny pieces until shredders became available. At first I used the one at work then bought myself a diamond cut shredder so nothing can be put together. It also shreds credit cards. I have a box I put all shredding material into then spend time when I get around to it doing it all at once. Even cardboard prescription boxes are shredded.
Never having a shredder when I was little,my dad would always rip everything to tiny pieces!! I have done the same for many years ,but I do think a shredder will make the task much easier!!
do not own a shredder, always have ripped up all
papers before throwing out, used to burn them when we were allowed to light fires.
I don't even own a shredder I just throw them away.
I rip them up. I don't think I take great enough care though.
Thinking about it now I actually do not have a lot of paper with personal details, most things like bills are electronic.
by Gia
No, we don't have a shredder so we just put them in the recycling bin, & hope for the best.
by Miro
I either shred or cut them up with scissors especially letters with bank account details, I don't chance it, even tho I put most papers in the recycling bin.
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