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Do you shower first thing in the morning or last thing at night?

by VerityG (follow)
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Do you prefer to start or end the day with a shower? Do you shower first thing in the morning or last thing at night?

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Top Answers
Usually in the morning, though if it's been a particularly hot day or I got really dirty I will shower at night as well.
I like showering before bed. Nothing else puts me to sleep quicker, and I love feeling clean between my sheets.
by Vee
I'm the same.
Morning for me, unless I have also had a busy day gardening.
Then I have two!
I also don't shower one day, so the oils in my body don't get over washed.
Some do it for 2-4 days....but that would not be possible my end.

I shower first thing in the morning. I find the shower very stimulating, and have always wondered how people who shower last thing at night can go to sleep afterwards! It would save a lot of time in the morning though.
Funny how things work for us . I find a shower going to bed makes me feel relaxed, fresh .
by Pamew
I mostly shower first thing in the morning and sometimes at night if I feel dirty or hot.
I generally shower mid mornings -It takes me so long to get ready in the mornings by the time I do two separate walks with my dogs, finish my Scrabble games online, plus other games, have breakfast, check computer, and then it is time for a shower.

Occasionally I forget the time and have to go to work and then have to shower when I get home at 5 pm/
by Finy
I try to do both! If I'm pressed for time I'll just have a quick wash in the morning, but I love a long hot shower at night. I live in Far North Qld so I get hot and sweaty during the day and on the occasions where I go to bed unshowered (ie: If I'm too drunk to shower or I fall asleep when putting the toddlers to bed) I feel really disgusting and have to wash the sheets the next day.
Both. At night in consideration of my bed partner and in morning in consideration of my workmates.

When working, had a bath of a morning.
Now have a shower whenever I'm going out.
Very rarely had one at night, as found it 'woke me up' too much, & I couldn't get to sleep!

Know of a woman who used to bathe at night, go to bed, wake up, have breakfast, then got dressed, & off to work! She must not have sweated during the night.

There is NO way I could've ever done that, as I wake up with pillow-slip damp, & so too, sheet, from sweating during the night! I would never insult myself, or my work colleagues by being 'stinky' at work! Yuk!
Sorry Donjo, but I'm the same as this woman you've mentioned. I have no desire to have to get up at least 20mins earlier than I do now (my alarm goes off at 5am), just to have a shower. Not sure if you have a health issue that causes you to sweat so much at night, but I don't get even vaguely sweaty when I'm sleeping. I wake up fresh & clean every day, all I have to do is wash my face to wake up. No 'stinky' here!
by poppy
Oh! Poppy.......got nothing to do with 'health issue'. When it's stinking hot weather, combined with high Humidity, I sweat, as would most people.
by donjo
Well Poppy, I do the same as Donjo. No health issue and, if you have a partner, depending on what you have done during the day, I think you absolutely have to do a quick shower before jumping into bed. Absolutely have to.
by fran.
During the week I always have a shower when I get home - around 5.30'ish, as I've been at work all day & have then gone to the gym. I wouldn't have it as I was going to bed. Occasionally I have it in the morning on the weekends, but it depends on the weather. If it's freezing cold, I'm not getting naked and soaking wet first thing in the morning for anyone! I don't like to lose what I call my 'bed warmth'. Would rather do it when it is slightly warmer in the late afternoon.
Well, Poppy sometimes other people don't appreciate our "bed warmth". You just need to shower as you feel it will be appreciated by everybody, not just yourself.
by fran.
I shower first thing in the morning. I tend to sweat a lot overnight, so I must shower in the morning so as not to offend people I meet throughout the day. Showering at night tends to wake me up, making it difficult to sleep.
Evenings 4 me. I need it 2 sooth the cares of the day and watch them wash down the drain
Evenings 4 me. I need it 2 sooth the cares of the day and watch them wash down the drain
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