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Do you read the labels in supermarkets?

by Finy (follow)
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Nowadays most food has nutrition and ingredients labels on it.

Do you read these labels, and do you buy or not buy because of what you have read?

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Top Answers
Yes I do a lot the time unless in an absolute hurry, still think they need to be clearer and 'larger' for more mature consumers!!
by Fran
I totally agree, yello!
by Finy
I always read labels on food as I don't like additives and check for all sorts of things.
It definitely influences what I buy as some of the ingredients are just things I do not want to eat.
by Finy
Yes, I always check for sugar content.
I do with a good few products I buy.

Other...I know about them, because I have used them for a long time.
There are a lot of foods I have now not bought, because what was on the label.
Pretty scary stuff!!!
Yes on some stuff....and no on others. I am influenced by this on the most half. For instance - if it says - TUNA made in Taiwan - chances are I won't purchase it! ;)
Yes, I usually check for carb content.
Yes.Always check for sugar and carbs.
I'm anal about reading the label. If a product does not list the nutrients values on the package, I don't buy it. The only exception is with farmers' markets, etc.
Actually Bryony, I am a bit like that too! I spend so much time reading labels.
by Finy
Yes I do read, especially when I have to buy something for my kid.
Yes I do read, especially when I have to buy something for my kid.
I'd have to happily say "I do" for this one though I don't remember saying it this happily at my marriage too ;)

Well, I'm on a sugar free diet now so I read all labels thoroughly to source out hidden sugars in all forms except the natural!
And Manny, don't you battle to find almost anything without sugar?
by Finy
It's unbelievable that there is literally no manufactured food product which doesn't have sugar..they just rename sugar to saccharin, sucrose, glucose so people won't notice. Natural sugars are okay with me - as how it occurs in fruits, veggies etc. So, I choose the next best alternative - I use lower quantities of jaggery/palm sugar or natural honey to counter the ill-effects of sugars in products and sweeteners. Also we're trying to build ourselves a diet that does not need added sugar.
by Manny
Sugar is sugar and all sugar is natural sugar. It is a drug so best keep children away from it from the word go.
by grann
Sugar is sugar and all sugar is natural sugar. It is a drug so best keep children away from it from the word go.
by grann
Wish I could. The writing is so small and I would have to keep getting out my reading specs. They do the same thing on vitamin bottles. Bigger writing please for all us visually challenged people.
I totally agree with you! I am that lady in the supermarket looking over the top of her glasses squinting at the writing to find out what's in a product.
I read labels intermittently, especially if I'm trying to differentiate between similar products. They can be the deciding factor between brands.
Not really, if it's a new or unfamiliar product, I'll have a look to see what the nutrient balance is.
As a Coeliac.. YES.. OMG YES!!! If I can't read the label, I don't eat it. Unless it fruit or something. But anything that has been processed I have to read the label. I can end up in hospital otherwise.
yes I read mainly to see where the product if from. I vote with my wallet to buy Australian, Will put food product back even if i wanted it if made in china!
Absolutely, I read them often in the supermarket but more often when I get home with the product. What I learn from a label normally doesn't deter me from buying a product, but it may deter me from buying that product often.
I do. I particularly check the sugar content. Just this morning at the supermarket I chose a particular brand because the sugar content was much lower. In fact it was so much lower than the competitors I wondered if it could be correct. (There wasn't any artificial sweetener in it.)
Avidly! To check provenance of item. Not Aussie? Goes back on shelf!
I like to read the labels but have trouble with the small print. If I don"t have my reading glasses or the print is still very small and in a "camouflage" colour, I now use my smart phone to take a photo of the ingredients and then expand the photo on my phone, easy to do and works really well.
Yes at times I require a microscope to read the small print, I wonder why the print is so small?

I did, but as now 90% of what I buy I have done the reading already. Strange, still no nutritional details for paper towel????

I still how ever, read new labels, or if I do some checking to be sure to be sure.

Darn scary those Fats/sugar/salt content numbers, so if and when there is a change in the product or my choice, especially when a special comes up, I do the numbers check.

One must learn what these numbers mean to fully utilize the details, as it it not so much misleading, it is sometimes just simply quite complex to understand. I have a good idea I believe of what it all means.
Yes I do although I am sure some of the description of ingredients become confusing, intentional or not?
Also actual country of Origin.
Sometimes I do,it depends what the item is.
I have to now, with irritable bowel syndrome and having discovered the hard way (from eating it) that most tinned salmon contains paprika resins to give it that pink look.

Recently I've discovered/realised that an emulsfier is upsetting me that is in a lot of biscuits, ice cream etc so have to avoid that now too.
Sometimes I do, I lioke to know the sugar and fat contents.
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