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Do you prefer to use a wheat pack or a hot water bottle and why?

by Vee (follow)
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hot water bottles
By Peng (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons.

I once heard of a woman whose house caught fire because of the wheat pack she was using. It made me think twice about using my own wheat pack.

Do you prefer to use a wheat pack or a hot water bottle and why?

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Top Answers
I prefer wheat packs as I mostly want them on my back and lying on top of a hot water bottle is a recipe for a wet bed!
It's easy to prevent wheat pack fires - just pop a cup of water in the microwave when you are heating the wheat pack and it will be safe. Or you can use cherry stones instead of wheat, which are less flammable, though also less comfortable!
The wheat packs can also be put in the freezer for a cold compress for acute injuries as well.
I do still use a hot water bottle from time to time as I find them more comforting to cuddle if I have a stomach bug. I also have a mud pack that is very good to use for back pain.
Have used HWB all my life, & never have had one leak, or burst! There's a 'trick' to 'doing them up'!
by donjo
The old hot water bottle for me.
Always like them, and now you can get a cover, so you don't have to deal getting a rubber burn, from the older ones.
My understanding was that wheat packs can catch fire while you're heating them in the microwave, but are otherwise safe. At least if a fire starts in there it should be easy to put out (just leave the door shut and it will run out of oxygen quickly). I have a couple of wheat packs. I found them really good when I was in labour and when I had gall bladder pain.
I prefer the wheat packs because they're softer and you can get them in better spots, but I prefer hot water bottles because the smell of the wheat is awful.
I don't have any one of those as of now.But I would prefer a hot water bottle with a cover.
by BK
I actually rarely use either.

I have a wheat pack and I DO sometimes use it when i have a bad pain in my neck.
Thank you for reminding me -I have a bad neck pain and will now go heat it -with some water as Verity suggests.

I had never heard of them catching fire
by Finy
The ONLY reason that incident of fire occurred was because the senile old woman heated wheat pack for far too long at a high Temp. in the M/W oven!

Just FOLLOW the directions that came with it, & you'll not have a problem. I heat mine about 10-20 seconds LESS time than recommended. Putting a glass of water in with it is 'false' confidence. Bag could still get way too hot.

Used to use HWB on stomach with period cramps. Was THE only thing that gave any relief! Tried to avoid medication when possible, but at times SO bad, used to have to resort to pain killers!

Wheat bags are great, due to their flexibility!
I use them for the same thing - also only thing that will give me any relief.
by Vee
Hot water bottle as it feels more gentle, the wheat pack is too intense.
I've only ever use a HWB I'd heard of women getting badly burnt with the heat packs when they've taken them out of the microwave, & a couple have exploded, so I've been to sceared to buy 1. I always wake in the middle of the 'night' to use the loo, so I then refill my HWB! Of cause my HWB always has a plain pink or a patterned pink cover on it. Just squeeze them a little to let the air out, before putting in the stopper, & don't overfill them! I fill mine with boiling water to the 3rd line from the bottom, on the jug.
by Miro
Miro, I am afraid I will burn myself pouring the boiling water into the HWB, and for that reason am partial to the heat packs - I've been using them for years. Thank goodness, all has been well.
by Vee
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