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Do you prefer to be called by your real name or a nickname?

by Sharmila Jayasinghe (follow)
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What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet; those famous words uttered by Romeo question the importance of a name. Have you given a thought as to how important your name is to you?

There are those general nicknames people use, Sweetie, Beauty, Darl and so on, then there are nicknames created by shortening your name; Liz for Lizzie. Mike for Michael. Do you prefer to be called by one or more of these or by your actual name?

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Top Answers
I have no preference, and answer to pretty much everything, including, on occasion, the incorrect name...
My 2 ex husbands were the only people who called me by my full name.
It was something that just happened.
The rest of the world, cut it in half, e.g. Sue instead of Susan.
My last son, never says 'Mum' much....he calls me some of the sweetest fun names.....I love it!
My two grandchildren also have a very cute fun name they call me.
Isn't life weird? :)
It depends on the situation. With my partner I love my nickname. In business, definitely my proper name.
I don't mind what I'm called. I don't have a nickname at the moment so am happy with Sarah.
It doesn't matter what name I am called. However, I have three names: a childhood nickname, a nickname I got when I grew up as an adult, and my real name. The name people use to call me identifies their personal relationship with me. My real name is usually used by officemates and colleagues. My nickname, by college friends and the like. My childhood nickname, by those people closest to my heart.
If people can say my real name, I'd prefer them to call me by that, else my nickname because at least it's a name that I and others can understand.
Generally, I don't like common nicknames like 'darling' especially when they are used by people who don't know me personally. Otherwise, I don't have a preference when it comes to my actual name and the nicknames my family use. I do however invite people to call me by my nickname to avoid the whole 'do you pronounce it 'Veealetta' or 'Vyoletta?' discussion.
by Vee
Surely such a beautiful name deserves to be said correctly. . . I am opting for Vee-oh-letta as I presume it is Italian . . .? I hope I am right, dear Vee :-)
by Rice
Spot on, Rice. :-D Thank you! It does sound beautiful when pronounced correctly, LOL. Oh my gosh, I must sound ridiculous. Haha.
by Vee
My mother in law has a cousin Vi . . . . I just love her name but she doesn't :((
I adore anything that has violet connotations and I love violets and little violas - we called them Johnny Jump Ups but I know they are also Heart's Ease (Heartsies to some). I think it is lovely that you have such a beautiful name. Mine could sink a thousand ships :( Hahahahahahaha.
by Rice
"Could sink a thousand ships", Rice I don't even know what that means, but I suspect it is not positive. Surely it's not that bad! Goodness, compared to some of the, shall we say, "interesting" names that can be found today...Yes, I love the violin, viola, any string instrument actually. You've got me puzzled about your name now, LOL!
by Vee
Dang. That's what I get for trying to be clever. It was a Trojan horse. *wink, wink, nudge, nudge.)
by Rice
I like both - does not bother me. My nickname is a shorter version of my name in anycase! ;)
I have several nicknames and like to be called by those, as they are quite funny.
My name is Louise, but my parents call me Lu Lu, and I think it's sweet.
As I have gotten older I prefer to be called by my full name which is Susan. My husband has pet name for like loulou or petal. My grandchildren call me nanny Sue. I do not mind what I am called as long as it is not early.
It really depends on who is calling me.If it is family then nickname it is.
Most people usually like my name . Its small and easy to say, so much so that I never get called by other names except by my real name. My husband has a special nickname for me which I love but the rest of the world knows me by Alia only.
I don't have a nickname apart from online where I am "petal". Actually this originated from a customer of mine when I had a wholesaling business, who used to call me petal, and I thought it was so sweet.
So basically, yes I like nicknames that are cute, but don't get called by any.
by Finy
Whats in a name? As long as it is said and meant with love and respect.
The tone says it all I believe.
by Zen
Nickname for past 46 years!
Only relies' & nuns' call me by my 'correct' first name!
Of course, ANY legal situation, Passport, Driver's Licence etc etc etc, is in correct first name!
I am seldom called by my real name, people seem to call me by the first letter of my given name. It's quite odd as people who don't even know each other do it so it is not a "group" thing. My two siblings always call me by my given name. My sister gets her name contracted but my brother stays whole. Haha.
by Rice
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