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Do you prefer paper tissues or cloth handkerchiefs?

by grann (follow)
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Tissue box and hankies

My husband is an old-fashioned singlet wearing, dyed-in-the-wool handkerchief carrier. He maintains if he uses paper tissues he ends up with a hand full of snot. As you can see from the image, I have given up ironing his hankies. Where do you stand?

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Top Answers
Hankies, especially if I have a cold because they're much softer and gentler on your nose than tissues. I don't iron them though. I use bamboo ones, which are extra soft and naturally anti-bacterial and anti fungal, as well as a lot more absorbent.
Never had any problems washing them either. I just chuck them in the machine.
Where do you get bamboo hankies? I;ve never heard of those! and how much?Mandy E
by steve
It's been a while. I think I got them on www.etsy.com. They were a bit more expensive than the cotton kind, but super soft and they just get softer with washing so worth it I think.
I use both. I like the idea of using a proper cotton hanky as they are reusable, they remind me of my gran and you can pick up some beautiful hand made laced edge ones in charity shops. I would not be caught dead ironing one!! One of my luxuries is a box of tissues with aloe Vera. I Also make sure they all get composted
Paper Tissues every single time.
Cotton hankies, are a thing of the past.Thank goodness.Washing them, makes me want to barf!!! yuck.
Paper tissues for me, unless I've got a ridiculous cold (I mean the kind that one doesn't get very often where the nose will drip and drip and drip and I'm constantly having to wipe it). Then I will revert to man-sized hankies temporarily because I feel bad about using that much paper.
Sarah, you and I are on the same wavelength. I keep abucket in teh laundry sink full of detergent and disinfectant, and after gathering a number of these revolting items, rinse them through by hand before adding them to the wash. If I use tissues too often, I too develop a Rudolph nose, although there are some varieties which don't cause this problem, generallay the most expensive.
by grann
I mean "reply" not "report". Sorry for my poor editing. I promise to do better.
by grann
If you use cotton hankies, they will keep the germs on them..
I do understand about using tissues, for the environment, but germs spread really easy.You can also buy tissues, that are super soft, that are for the very reason of nose wiping.
They have Alovera and some have Eucalyptus.I think germs are more of a concern.
by jonaja
You can kill cold germs by hot washing and line drying (uv light kills germs).
Paper tissues are easier to go through quickly, but they are more effective and quicker to use for a good clean.
Paper tissues for sure. I find handkerchiefs a bit gross.
They sure are.
by jonaja
I know this is generalising, but I think hankies are mainly a man thing, and tissues are used by women. I don't know why. All the men in my family use hankies, and all us girls have tissues.
I use hankies and my husband uses tissues, so I don't think it's a gender thing.
Definitely tissues.
If I only have paper tissues at my disposal it is a good idea to also carry around some vaseline or paw paw ointment to protect your nose from getting very dry and avoiding that red itchy rudolph nose.
Tissues. You can just throw them away after use, and you're not spreading germs that way.
Exactly :)
by jonaja
paper tissues.
by jonaja
Soft tissues work best for me. That way you can discard any germs straight into a bin. I find that handkerchiefs if used when you have a cold, retain the germs then they go straight back onto your face and hands...
definitely tissues handkerchiefs are gross
Paper tissues. Thank goodness paper is a renewable resource.
Paper Tissues every time! But don't throw used ones in rubbish, pop them down the toilet & flush away - just not more than 4-5 per time, though. That disposal method is so much Healthier for everyone. When log fires were more prevalent, we'd burn ours ad the germs contained therein! The back yard incinerator was great, too.
Tissues fold up small, are light-weight, can be stacked in bags and, unlike the vile and wrongly named 'disposable nappies', are actually disposable. They can be used to mop up spilt liquids, put under bandages, used to make fake arty-flowers! and do not need washing & ironing.

Washing & ironing hankies is not a pleasant task. Ideally, used handkerchiefs should be soaked for at least a day in a disinfectant product (like nappysan), before putting in the wash. Otherwise, the same germs and dried 'nose-debris' can/will infect all other items in the wash - and Cold-water washing does NOT destroy enough germs effectively, so that germs or virus carried in the used hankie can gleefully infect other items in the wash and live to spread another day (Yech!!)

I can stack Tissue boxes, bought on sale, in the wardrobe for 'emergency' sniffles/hay fever/sad soggy movies/colds etc.
Yep, definitely Tissues for me.
I prefer paper tissues, which is use and throw and hygenic also
Tissues definitely!!! Seeing my father-in-laws manky snot filled hankies in their laundry makes me want to puke!!! I would refuse to do them myself!! Gross!!!! Not that my 19 year old daughter is much better with paper tissues leaving them lying around the house, especially in her room!!!!! They're disgusting!!!!I throw mine in the toilet as well. A much better way of getting rid of those germs!!! Mandy E.
Tissues for sure. Haven't used a handkerchief in ages! wonder if I still own one.
I think hankies are gross because they keep your snot and then put it back in your pocket. I like a fresh tissue each time.

I think that it spreads germs. But maybe I'm a germophobe.
Paper tissues for convenience, but I use them sparingly to reduce my carbon footprint.
I'm in the throes of the dreaded lurgy at the moment. Started off as a head cold and went with the cloth hankies for the sake of my poor nose - twice the washing as my beloved had a cold as well. He's fine, but now I'm at the coughing up gunk stage and it's those super soft tissues for me!.
I just use paper tissues, I'd find a handerchief too old- fashioned I think.
Even though I have some beautiful cotton handkerchiefs, from some 50/60 years ago, I find paper tissues are more gentle on my noise when I have a cold.
Hankies. Big, soft, mens' hankies. If I use tissues I end up looking like Rudolph :(
by Rice
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