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Do you often weigh yourself to see if you have put on or lost weight?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you own scales?

Do you often get on the scales to see if you have put on or lost weight?

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Top Answers
I can still hear my father saying "you do not weigh yourself every day -it is ridiculous"!

I used to weigh every day but I have a weight problem -I would be anorexic except that I cannot stop eating.

I look in the mirror and see part of me as fat yet logically I know I only have a bit of fat which can only be seen with nothing on!

I am neurotic about weight, figure etc -at the moment I weigh myself about once a week -one of my girlfriends wanted to throw my scales out!
by Finy
Finy, enjoy life and get rid of the scales girl! your clothes will let you know...lol
by jonaja
Good Grief!! nooooooo.
My clothes tell me all I need to know.
Scales are a way to have a fully blown heart attack.
No, only very rarely. I don't own a set of bathroom scales.
I used to weigh myself obsessively then I realised that was doing more harm than good, so I stopped. Now once in a blue moon I might get the scales out but I've found that having stopped weighing myself, it doesn't matter what weight I am any more. If a doctor needs to know, then he or she can weigh me to find out.
I never really used to and then I discovered I'd out on enough weight to be considered unhealthy. So my partner and I started eating healthier and walking regularly (and cut back the drinking a little!). The I got pregnant and got diagnosed with GD and weighing myself became somewhat obsessive for the final few weeks of pregnancy - due to concern I wasn't gaining enough. In between pregnancies I didn't weigh myself much - just enough to see that I had lost quite a bit of weight. I only started weighing myself regularly again once I started going to the gym during my second pregnancy. After my second bub was born I've lost quite a lot of weight - to the point where it is quite worrying for me. So I've been weighing myself regularly (once a week or so) to keep an eye on it so I can let the doctor know when next I go.
I haven't weighed myself in years. I'm fat, I don't need a number as proof. Health is what matters, not numbers. Some people are naturally larger than others and it's not unhealthy. I figure I'm just the right size for a woman who has had 5 children and spent the last 8yrs breastfeeding without a break. I imagine I'll lose some weight when I stop feeding . but I won't weigh myself coz I really don't care about numbers.
No I don't. I have been obsessive about it before and don't want to be in that place again. I recently went to the doctor's and was weighed and found out I had lost 8 kilos, I thought I had lost some weight due to illness as my clothes were feeling loose!
No, not often, Maybe once a week.
by Vee
But now that I've read everybody else's response, perhaps this is often...
by Vee
No!!! I have better things to worry about!!! I get weighed at my monthly check up with my specialist,so this is enough for me!!! I have always believed that our clothes let us know what our weight is doing!!!
I do own scales and I do use them. I weigh myself probably once a week, which is regularly I guess
by AJ
Not as much as I used to now, scales never seem to change despite me knowing from clothes that I have put on a bit....don't think I'll replace scales!!!!!
by Fran
I used to weigh myself nearly every day but now not at all. Like the others said my clothes soon tell me, plus the mirror !

the scales are pushed under the bathroom cupboard and dusted when I sweep the floor
Yes but I try not to do it everyday. No need to get obsessed with how much I weigh.
by Gia
I weigh myself once a fortnight or monthly when I see my dietitian. My weight stays pretty much stable no matter what I eat ,or how much I exercise. It is true that your clothes will let you know. According to my dietitian, I eat a very healthy diet, and that's all that matters to me.
Yes I weigh my self about once a week. I was once informed that it best to weigh ones self, naked & before you start eating your breakfast.
And in a test I saw happening on the tv, the result was that you'll loose more weight, eating before going out for your morning walk, than afterwards, but I still haven't been able to make my self do that!! (After walking for 38 years before eating my breakfast!!!)
by Miro
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