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Do you often make REAL tea with loose leaves?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you often make real tea with loose leaves?

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Top Answers
I make it every morning as soon as I get up.
Am currently drinking it while I read my emails.

No idea why I have black tea early when I don't even like tea, and don't often have it but perhaps it must just be habit as I used to drink weak black tea, and have been having this real leaf tea for probably 15 years now.

Ouch it really is not nice but it is automatic like I do not even think about it as I sip my weak loose leaf tea each morning at my computer!
by Finy
I have never made a pot of tea with real tea leaves. When I grew up, it was the age of convenience, so easier is always better for me. My mother used to always make a pot of tea at meal times for her English husband. I haven't really watched her make tea recently, but I think she might have converted to tea bags. I can't taste the difference between tea leaves and tea bags, so why go to the trouble of making it with leaves .? I must pay more attention to her when she makes tea next time I visit. It seems like as soon as I arrive a cup of tea is given to me, so I don't see how it gets made !
An old preferred brand of mine, Robur, is sometimes only available in loose leaf and only at little IGA supermarkets - the big two don't stock it anymore.
I was talking to an employee at one of the big supermarkets as I couldn't find much tea and she told me they were going to be replacing all but the most popular brands with their own labels. Too bad what we might like :((((
by Rice
Almost always. I do have bags (sorry Jules) in the pantry for the odd occasion but I have teapots and lovely mugs with infusers so I love my leaf tea. I usually have Madura these days as they have a normal black and an English Breakfast. I love Orange Pekoe and Earl Grey as well as as a few others. I think Stationers' Supplies and Tea Shops are my favourites. . . . pens, papers, staplers, pencils, erasers, glue sticks and cups of tea. Heaven. (ᵔᴥᵔ)
by Rice
Hi Rice. Have you tried Lady Grey? I like the taste and it has pretty little flowers in it.
by helga
Oh yes, helga, isn't it lovely!!? I like the French Earl Grey too.
by Rice
by AJ
No can't say I do or have.
I started off making loose tea, when the in-laws visited for a cup sometimes, but then I couldn't be bothered having to wash out the teapot afterwards, so when teabags became the norm, teabags have been my thing ever since, but a lot of people used to 'swear' that only tealeaves would dos they tasted far nicer. I have 3 or 4 lovely teapots, & saw a very similar 1 to my Chinese 1, in an antique shop in Newcastle. My teapot now has a tiny chip around the top of it. I have another 1 with raised little monkeys on it. A 3rd 1 is plain white, & I can't remember what the 4th 1 looks like, as I never use them, & they're in a cupboard, but they weren't what the question was about, anyway. I just got way of the subject...again!
by Miro
Yes, mostly everyday.
I've never done loose tea before. To be fair though, I'm more of a coffee drinker, than a tea drinker.
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