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Do you manage to stay calm at Christmas when surrounded by relatives?

by VerityG (follow)
A life lived in fear is a life half lived.
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angry woman scream anger stress relatives Christmas family
By Lara604 via Wikimedia Commons

Christmas can be a very stressful time of year and being forced to spend time with relatives that you don't necessarily get on with can make even the most Zen-like of people start seeing red.
Do you manage to stay calm at Christmas when surrounded by relatives?

#Stress Management
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Top Answers
I just keep reminding myself - It's only once a year...only once a year....
I am SO with you there colmo!
by poppy
It depends heavily on which relatives are around I find.... my family are extremely easy going and pleasant to be with. So staying calm is not only possible but pretty much guaranteed.
My in-laws on the other hand....... well I used to dread Christmas and the time we had to spend with my husband's family, his parents in particular. Moving abroad helped with that thankfully and we haven't spent Christmas with them for several years now.
This year we are not going to anyone's house or having any visitors, it will just be the three of us and I'm really looking forward to it!
My ability to put up with silliness from anybody starts to wane around the five o'clock mark. Funnily enough that's when we head over to my parents' house, lol.
by Vee
Fortunately my relatives are all quite nice and easy going. I enjoy xmas.

A big hug to everyone who is anticipating stress on xmas!
My Christmas day this year is going to be nothing short of NAIL BITING!'
For the whole family.

It will be held in my son's ''mother-in-laws home.
The woman I had a run-in-with last Mothers day.
We had a huge difference of opinion on the topic of radical-issues...
We said we would call a 'truce'' for the sake of the family.

I in fact am not looking forward to it, and I know my poor daughter in law is not too.
I have promised to bite my lip BIG TIME.!

Certainly one will be put-to-the-test, on this one.
One week to go, and counting.Heaven help me.
Good luck! And much sympathy xx
Thanks.... :) xx
by jonaja
I am calm however I get perhaps frustrated as I cannot stand the mess!
I also get tired standing easily due to a back injury so while I think I stay fairly calm, I am often stressed by the noise as am so used to living alone.
by Finy
Lots of people making lots of noise when you are used to a quiet environment can be very hard to cope with, I know. My family are all quiet types but my in-laws are all noisy people.... difficult.
I'm a calm person overall. Usually, I go to my relatives for Christmas, temper is sometimes flare but at the end of the day we are all still family.
Oh, the longest day of the year. How I wish I could go to work that day (and that's saying something!). I used to enjoy it, but since my nephew has grown up and become the biggest moron to walk the planet and has also bred like a feral rabbit, I dread it completely. But I paste a smile on and try to endure it, at least for my mother's sake...
I don't have this problem, as I've no relatives' to go to, or v.v.

It makes life so much easier!
No stress whatsoever.
Only my cat, & I to please!

A lifetime ago, we went camping at Xmas time, for the first twelve years'.

I refused, point blank, to go to in-laws', our whole marriage. This was told to fiancé at Engagement time.
Couldn't stand them, especially the m-i-l, whom I believe was slightly mentally retarded. Her son eventually was diagnosed AS.

I think it's Xmas time when people who don't like each other are forced to spend time together, which they wouldn't normally do, much alcohol is consumed, arguments' start, & this is the perfect recipe for DV, possibly sometimes on a grand scale!
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