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Do you lose your umbrella often?

by Gia (follow)
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Do you lose your umbrella often?

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Top Answers
No. For a while there I kept losing them but I found it helped when I got a bright red one that I would know was mine and notice when I picked up my stuff.
I like that idea.
by Gia
Good thinking, Jennifer!
by donjo
No I don't loose my umbrella's?
I would get wet if I did!

Never understood people losing their umbrella's
Oh! jonaj, I concur!
The Lost Property at Railways' is FULL of Umbrellas'!
They sell that property every six months', with raised funds going to Charity!
by donjo
Like you don't leave your handbag somewhere...so why an umbrella?..lol
by jonaja
If your handbag is something you carry every day, then it's a lot easier to remember than something you carry only rarely. Also, my bag tends to sit in my lap or the seat on the bus but if my umbrella is wet it goes on the floor.
Jennifer, do you get your 'local' paper in a plastic cover? Here, they're the 'perfect' size & shape for a wet umbrella! I also have a 'waterproof' bag, purchased at a Fete, that I then slip 'brella into & that would go into my briefcase!
Nothing got wet inside!
Oh! & that way, never left umbrella on train! Cheers!
by donjo
Exactly donjo :)
by jonaja
When I lived in London and travelled on the Underground at least twice a day, I lost my umbrella All. The. Time............ I would use it to get to the station, get on the train then put my wet brolly on the floor so I had my hands free to hang on to a loop or pole, then when it got to my destination, just walk off forgetting the umbrella! By the time I got outside and back in the rain, it was always too late to get it back :(
Nowadays, no. I haven't lost an umbrella in a long time! So much so, I actually wore one out and had to throw it away! First time for everything!
It used to happen to me the same way on buses.
Being 155cm tall, my umbrellas often seem far too big for me, so the question begs to be asked how I could possibly lose or forget an umbrella that is half he size of me. Well ... I CAN.

I've tried umbrellas of varying sizes ... small ones I can fit into my handbag, large ones, colourful ones, trendy expensive ones all to no avail.

I thought if I had an expensive and trendy umbrella there would be no chance, I would ever misplace it. WRONG.

I thought large and colourful ... WRONG

I now have umbrellas strategically placed around my home and car and in the office. I have no explanation as to why I'm so absent minded when it comes to umbrellas.
I have lost quite a few. If it rains all day I am less likely to lose it but if I took it and the rain stopped then its a goner.
by Gia
No, that is something that I rarely lose. I use a small one that fits into my handbag and if it is wet, I put the handle string thing round my hand so I cannot actually put the umbrella down without a conscious effort.

by Finy
I don't actually have an umbrella; I'd rather walk in the rain.
When it's raining, I'd actually prefer to be my 'Driza-bone' coat & Akubra hat!

BUT, if Umbrella it must be, then have Automatic 'pop-up'.

When I worked, I carried an Umbrella in my briefcase, along with plastic bag (the type that local newspaper comes in, perfect size) & waterproof holder for it. Had an Umbrella in my Locker at work, back seat, & boot of car, as well as one at home, of course!

I've NEVER lost an Umbrella!

I count items I 'put down' anywhere, & re-count when about to leave. Did same every time I had luggage, travelling, be it Domestic or International, by car, bus, train, boat or aeroplane!
Never have had that luggage lost either!
AND I'm talking 45 years' of constant travelling!
Oh! Goodie!
Have been wanting to buy an 'it's raining cats & dogs' umbrella for ages, & finally saw one at Myer. Bought it!
Now I can have a laugh when it's raining! Miaow!
Never lost an umbrella, they usually fail in the end.
No. I don't go out a lot. If I take an umbrella I am careful to keep track of it.
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