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Do you listen to the radio when you're at home or only when you're in the car?

by Vee (follow)
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Do you listen to the radio when you're at home or only when you're in the car?

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Top Answers
Home, car, work, wherever there's a radio I have it on. I don't function properly without one - especially at work.
Only in the car and for a few minutes in the morning when the alarm radio starts up.
I only listen to the radio while I'm in the car. Years ago I would play music while I did things around the house but my husband is retired now and has the TV on morning to night. Sigh..... morning to night.
I'm sorry, Gayle.
by Vee
oh no. and why is people who do that usually have it REALLY loud.
by lynne
Oh! Gayle, buy him a really GOOD pair of noise-cancelling headsets, eg Bose or Bang & Olufsen, so YOU don't have to hear the volume!

THAT noise would be literally maddening to me, & I couldn't put up with it, in any way, shape or form. I'd be heading to a lawyer!
by donjo
LOL It is really loud too and headsets have been suggested and rejected. No matter I've finally been able to get a job again so I'm out of the house now during the day.
The only time I listen to the radio is whe someone else has it on - colleague at work, dad in the car, mum in the kitchen.
I use too! in the car....then saw how crazy everyone was driving these days....gave it up.

I now just focus on staying alive!! Sydney roads are only for the people who have no distractions!
Oh! jonaj, yes, well, er, 'stayin alive', sounds like a good song title to me! Lol!
by donjo
I only listen to the radio in the car.
I have this elaborate set up linked to my new TV however my son who installed it, died a few years ago so I do not really know how to change it to radio.
He did write it down but I am worried if I go off the TV i might never get TV back again!!

So i do not listen to the radio -also living alone, I value peace and quiet a lot of the time.
by Finy
I usually just turn on the radio when I'm in the car and traffic is really really slow..... so I can hear traffic updates!
I have the radio on in the car always. It helps to pass the time and it gives me a happy mood when driving which you need with some of the drivers ( and pedestrians) on the road. Occasionally I will either have the radio or a cd on, especially when I do the house cleaning. Singing and bopping to my favourite songs and before I realise it, all the bathrooms,and laundry are finished!!!!
I used to always have the radio on in the house but you can't compete with the TV going non stop so now I try to get out of the house as often as I can and listen to it as I drive.
We have the ABC Perth 720 radio on from getting up/then later Classic fm ABC. then the aABC quiz on the abc radio normally 720 abc Perth And in the car
NO to radio, anywhere!

My job entailed 'listening to voices', for 45 years', 81/2 hours' a day, so the LAST thing I want to hear 'off duty' is voices'!

For that reason, I bought a top-notch quadraphonic sound system, to listen to various instrumental & orchestral records, tapes, & CD's.

In the car, I've a battery-run portable radio/cassette/cd player. I tape my cd's, & play them in the car.

Very rarely do I listen to singers, if so, it's usually Roy Orbison, Michael Crawford, Josh Groban, Eliazabeth Jenkins, Sarah Brightman,Teddy Tahu Rhodes, David Hobson, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Andrea Boccelli et al.

I'm extremely 'picky' whose voices' I listen to! But whomsoever they are, I do really ENJOY listening!

To each, their own, cheers!
Mostly the car, even then I get irritated by it before long. I like quiet times.
by Rice
Neither. Not in the house & not in the car, but I do listen to my iPod music when Iím out on public transport, on my own, without my husband, i mean.
Neither. Not in the house & not in the car, but I do listen to my iPod music when Iím out on public transport, on my own, without my husband, i mean.
Only when driving. But have to turn it off to look up the Melways, or to think.
do not listen in the car or at home. never turn it on

I listen to the radio at home. When I am driving alone, I listen to the radio in the car. I like to keep up with news broadcasts and the weather reports.
I also enjoy the tunes that are being played.
I listen to the radio mostly when I am at home. in the car I like to listen to CD's
I listen to radio in the car & when I am home during the day. Usually listen to talk back or the news station.
I listen to the radio when I'm at home, in the car I listen to my C.D.s and at work I listen to the radio.
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