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Do you limit the amount of coffee or tea you drink, or do you just have as many as you feel like?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you limit the amount of coffee or tea you drink per day, or do you just drink as many as you feel like on that day?

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Top Answers
I definitely limit the amount of coffee I have to usually one cup per day.
Sometimes I will have two but I cannot remember allowing myself more than two per day for many years -no idea why -I must have read it was bad for something once upon a time! And I only drink real coffee -cannot stand instant coffee.

I do not limit tea however, but do not really like tea apart from first thing in the morning -NOW -when I first get up and go to my computer.
by Finy
I love the photo you used, Finy!
by Miro
How can I limit one of God's nectar's?

When it is warm(hot for everyone else- Summer) only about 5-10 per day of milky sweet hot Nescafe. Thirst quenching & refreshing.

Winter usually has around 10-15 per day, and I am not talking baby cups, I have a real coffee mug. Keeps me all warm and gooey inside.

Maybe it keeps me wired, maybe it is a downer, maybe it keeps me awake till 3-4am and up at 7. I have been off it and only the odd brew with lemon for a few weeks, but still no sleep change.

I can find as many pro's as con's for and against coffee, but my taste buds rule my mouth. Instant only, none of that over priced half cup of acid tasting shop bought machine stuff.

Mind you some of the 3 in 1 mixes I tried while living in Asia with creamer are awesome. Thankfully not all the best ones readily available here as my waist line would hate me even more than it does now.
I have not drunk coffee for over 50 years.
Tea the same.

I will have a herbal tea, in winter...but that is different to normal tea.
Also I have green tea once or twice a year .
why oh why??
by Finy
I wanted to go without Caffeine long term, and I have... :)
by jonaja
Good for you, jonaj. I am very much the same. Will avoid it most of the time. It is very unusual for me to have any coffee or tea. Having said that, I have noticed how bizarre it seems to some. But it's a decision I made after the last time I had a coffee, which was a big mistake. My husband made a black coffee before we went off to church. Sitting there made me realise how incredibly jittery it made me feel. I thought I was going to lose my mind.
by Vee
EXACTLY! Vee...that's one reason also I won't touch it.We would also tell the guys inside not to drink it, because of that very reason...
by jonaja
Great pic, Finy, now I want one of everything! Hahaha. I never limit my tea intake and I would probably only have coffee when out or on a whim. Last night's whim was real live plunger coffee with cream . . . which is crazy as I drink it black!! I blame the cream: I opened the fridge and there it was . . beckoning. It didn't keep me awake either.
by Rice
no, Rice -it doesnt keep me awake either! My parents always had their coffee (real coffee) and cake at 8.30 at night......
by Finy
Yes . . in the German tradition . . . now YOU guys drink REAL coffee!! My Swiss friends were the same. My German son in law drinks coffee so strong it nearly bends the spoon and he sleeps like a log.
by Rice
My parents were also German! And I still buy the coffee from the same place my Dad used to buy it 50 years ago and have it sent from Sydney to Perth!!!
by Finy
Oh, Finy, that's wonderful . . ! What a lovely carrying on of tradition.
by Rice
I stick to about three cups of tea a day, because if I don't restrict it I end up having way too much caffiene.
Generally, I have one coffee a day, two max on a really bad day. I drink several cups of tea, probably three or four, but try not to drink it after 5 pm as it sometimes effects my sleep.
I don't drink coffee at all. I usually only have one or two cups of tea at most each day. I usually just have water throughout the day.
I limit myself to 4--5 coffees a day
with raw sugar 2 1/2 teaspoons / cup
lovely stuff
I limit myself to 4--5 coffees a day
with raw sugar 2 1/2 teaspoons / cup
lovely stuff
4 or 5 coffees a day, Jimsw Wow! Is that home made coffee or cafe bought coffee? What sort do you like drinking? We always buy a large latte, if we buy coffee when we go out & we share it. it's cheaper than buying 2 regular coffees & saves on the paper cups also.
by Miro
I don't limit my intake of either but prefer coffee. We brew our own or have the strongest capsules as my husband us German and likes his coffee strong. I have capuchino when out, no sugar, as I don't like sweet things but have green tea with our weekly visit to our favourite Chinese restaurant. I do drink tea at home when I feel like it but it has to be weak black, no sugar.
I drink tea, sometimes green tree, rarely drink coffee, usually when out, then flat white as the tea they have is awful.
I do not drink coffee at all,as I hate the taste.Funnily enough I have coffee trees growing in my garden which produce HEAPS of beans each year,and when I roast them to give away,the aroma through the house is positively DIVINE!!!! I do understand why Real Estate Agents often have a pot of freshly brewed real coffee on the go in their open houses!! It is a very welcoming and wonderful aroma! I drink tea of all types and never limit how much I drink! I even have made my own blends using good quality leaves and other ingredients Try Earl Grey with Lavender and Rose Petals...Mmmmmmm!!!!!!
Yes I do. I have to otherwise I can't get to sleep. Its better to have the coffee in the morning when I'm feeling like its all too hard and then tea later in the evening to help digestion and aid sleep
I limit my daily coffee intake to 1 cup a day and 5 to 6 cups a week. Whenever possible, I avoid drinking coffee over the weekend as this is usually my detox period.

The thing is coffee and tea are not only high in caffeine (and we all know such a substance affects sleeping patterns when taken excessively), but they are also diuretic substances, which can cause frequent urination. If you drink too much of either coffee or tea, your kidneys will have a hard time filtering all the caffeine you've consumed.
I usually limit myself to 1-2 a day. I am not very addicted to it though, i can easily go without a tea or coffee all day.
by BK
We have a pod coffee every morning, after our cereal with a slice of toast. If we are out for the day, we'll buy a latte somewhere. And we'll have a cup of tea for afternoon tea, every day at home with a biscuit, 1/2 a slice of raisin toast, or a crumpet.
by Miro
i try to limit myself to around 10 cups of tea and coffee a day
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