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Do you limit the amount of any particular food that you eat?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you limit the amount of any food that you eat and like? e.g. do you only eat a certain amount of eggs per week, or limit the amount of coffee you drink etc?

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Top Answers
Yes I sure do -I limit most things that I like as I would otherwise go on and on eating things like eggs, and sweet things.

I am actually quite obsessive about this.
by Finy
Yes I try to keep fatty food to a minimum and sweets... although this is easy as I am not really a sweet tooth. Strangely though, if I start (eg chocolate) I will go on and eat too much. Go figure!!
by Fran
Nope, not unless I am actively dieting...which I guess I'm going to be starting next week so...yes? ;)
I have strange rules - like I can only have one banana a day and no more than 2 cups of caffeinated coffee a day.
by AJ
I have a small appetite so I do not really get at all obsessive over how much I am eating! I never seem to over eat as I hate the bloated feeling which comes with doing so. I simply stop if I start to feel full.
I try not to eat dairy, though I end up having a little bit of it in foods sometimes.
Yes....I have to be careful with eggs.
Most other foods, I am careful not to overeat too!
I love anything sweet, and that is my weakness.
Everything in moderation...except chocolate!
by Vee
Yes, I limit the amount of food I eat that I don't like. It's very limited actually LOL

Last night I didn't limit my wine intake. Bad idea. I'm too old to have a hang over!
by donjo
Yes, I limit the amount I eat of numerous foods I like. I need to limit some of them more. I limit the number of eggs I eat in a week. I also limit the amount of bread, cheese, meat and sweet things I eat. I enjoy eating so have to practise self control especially in cold weather.
I don't eat any meats or fish and I try not to eat too many eggs.
Yes, everything, except chocolate!

Can't hack greasy foods of any description!
Tend to eat more salad with my meat, fish & chook, these days'.

Now Winter's on the horizon, make many types of soup. Love that, as a 'soupaholic'! If I eat out, & there's soup on the menu, I'm 'gone'! There's a particular Cafe at local Westfield which has soup of differing varieties' all year round! Am regular customer there!
I try to limit chocolate and sugary foods.
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