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Do you like to iron clothes?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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Do you like to iron clothes? Do you iron your clothes daily or as when it is required?

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Top Answers
Is this a trick question? I've always assumed that nobody likes to iron, and I certainly don't do it daily. I only iron if I have a spare ten minutes and do a shirt or two at a time. A real time saver is to buy clothes that don't need to be ironed in the first place.
by Vee
I never heard about someone who likes ironing. Well, maybe except my mother, but I think she doesn't like it either. She just does it.
I hate ironing too. I do it only when it's a must. Clothes that need ironing have a tendency to be left in the wardrobe.
Ours too! Haha.
by Vee
I do not own an iron so I probably do not like to iron clothes!
My excuse is I was born left handed, and they made me change at school so my brain is quite mixed up so how could I possibly iron?
by Finy
That's hilarious!
by theme
But These, I thought it was true! LOL
by Finy
I don't like to iron clothes.I do it as an when required or on a weekly basis.
I enjoy it, satisfaction of watching the ironed pile grow, love the smell of warm ironed clothes and I hate wrinkles. I even iron my tea towels. I spend about an hour once a week and all my ironing is done.
Thank heaven for you, binni, I was beginning to feel like Robinson Crusoe!
by Rice
No, I definitely don't enjoy it. It's a chore. Most of my clothes, and my kids' clothes don't need ironing so I rarely have to do it. My husband irons his own shirts.
My mum and cleaner share ironing duties at home. If it wasn't for them nothing would get ironed; I'd rather have creased clothes than do the ironing.
It's fun when I listen to music and iron clothes.Mostly i do iron them.Offlate when I buy a shirt for my husband, I look in the label if it is wrinkle free :)
No! ........... lol...lol....lol.
I was just thinking about this. The answer is NOPE. Only do it because I have to...it is either that or a crease shirt...and ironing is the lesser of the two evils! ;)
I have to do it.. not by choice though.
No, I don't enjoy it. I have to deal with a hot implement and fragile clothes and spend a bunch of my time trying to get creases out of the clothes without putting more in. I'm not very good at it, so most of my clothes are wrinkle-free. On the odd occasion something really needs it, I will iron just before I'm ready to put the item on. No sense in getting it crushed in my wardrobe again.
No, I absolutely loathe it. This is why I often spend money on clothes that never need ironing :)
I avoid it like the plague...I'm generally wrinkly...
I hate ironing with a passion and have a number of strategies to avoid it at all costs:
1) buy non iron clothes, sheets and towels
2) hang washing out on their hangers on the line as the wind blows out their creases
3) get washing out of the machine as soon as it's finished washing so that creases don't form when clothes are left in a wet crumbled state
4) Hang clothing up and hope that the creases fall out over time if the washing tips haven't worked.
5) Only iron the creased item when you absolutely need to wear it.

This gets me out of ironing for most of the week :-)
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! What crazy person would LIKE ironing?!!!! My mother, that's who! She would even iron sheets, undies and socks she enjoyed it sooooo much!!!! I, on the other hand, HATE ironing with a passion and try to avoid it at all costs. I tend to accumulate it over a matter of washes (unless someone needs something ironed in the meantime) and then do it one lot to make it worth the effort of getting the ironing board and iron out. I usually iron in front of the TV to make this horrendous chore more tolerable. I like to fold everything as it comes off the washing line so it radically reduces my ironing. Mandy E.
I hate ironing. Its the chore I hate the most. But I don't like wearing crumpled clothes either. So no choice, have to iron them. My husband does a horrible job with ironing, so I rather do it myself.
The iron is the least used appliance ... we almost not on talking terms.
I will only iron if i really really really have to.
Buy clothes that don't require ironing,
Well life goes on , even in creased clothes.
by Zen
I've an 'Elna' Press, so I don't 'iron' clothes, I 'press' them, & have done so since August 1974!

I sit down, 'elna' is atop the ironing board, best ergonomic situation for use. It applies 100lbs of pressure to clothing, as top part is brought downwards, onto base part.

So quick, & easy, no work for me, & pressed clothes are beautiful!

Jeans' crease is 'sharp'. Was a godsend for School, & Army Uniforms. Shirts done in 2 minutes.

It had a 25 year Warranty, & it's only been to repair shop once, for a minor repair, in all the time I've had it.

The back-up iron languishes in laundry cupboard!

Heehee . . I've wanted once since 1974! Are they easy to learn?
by Rice
Hi Rice Paper.....yes, very simple, & easy! I'll come teach you, if you like! My fee is quite reasonable! Ha! Lol!
by donjo
I have buttons, dog hair and some magic beans . . . . . . . . ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )
by Rice
Make a youtube video, donjo, I would LOVE to watch that!
by Rice
Oh! Rice, sorry only accept American Express card, as I 'don't leave home without it'.....hahaheehee!
by donjo
Crazy person here, according to the majority of your answers. I like to iron. I do. I would never do it daily as my mother would have seen this is lazy and wasteful. I have the old fashioned "ironing day", the same as folks use to have washing day, shopping day, baking day etc. This does not mean the same day every week, it just means when I feel like ironing, I get the basket out and dash away with the smoothing iron :-))
by Rice
I'll iron my clothes if they're creased, but I definitely don't like ironing and will avoid it of possible.
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