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Do you like soft toys?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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Do you like to keep soft toys at your home? What kind of soft toys do you like?

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Top Answers
I find it interesting how some become much loved and worn and other that look very similar just collect dust. I buy them at Op Shops for my Christmas Shoeboxes and there are so many that still have the new tags on.
As a child I preferred dolls but I do have a sweet teddy my sister bought me and another from the Op Shop that I just couldn't bring myself to add to the shoebox even though (or maybe because ) he's kind of odd. They just sit on a shelf and every now and then I think I should get rid of them, but I don't want to.
I love soft toys. I had lots of toys in my room. I love teadt bears
Used to love them when I was a kid. Had a teddy pillow which I used to treasure.
Absolutely. Those department store teddy bears at Christmas time :)
Not a big fan; they collect dust and are not very user-friendly for children with allergies.
I LOVE soft toys. My favourites are the smaller teddy bears.
I like looking at them, but don't like them in the house that much. The kids don't seem to play with them very much and then they collect dust. I prefer sporting gear these days over toys.
I like them but not much. Don't really have that much time for cuddling soft toys. Secondly I'm allergic to dust so steer away from soft toys as they collect lots of dust.
Ooh! Love soft toys!

Owls, especially. Have a lovely grey-White speckled one, named 'Owlie', most original!

Have a Silver & White Fox with beautiful blue eyes.

Have life-size tan/white Welsh Pembroke Cardigan Corgi, named 'Cymee'.
Have a cat named 'Claude Debussycat
Have a 56 yo monkey named 'Didj'; he's a pj holder.

I love them all, as they've many happy memories' for me!
NO, I don't like them, I was given a soft panda by the cruise ship people, when the ship had docked in an Asian, in 2005 I think it was, so I still have that 1, somewhere, & our daughters left a couple of soft toys behind, when they moved out, so they’re still around somewhere!

Even though my daughter is in her early twenties now, we've still kept many of her soft toys. We got rid of many other childhood play things, but her teddy bears and other plushies are special, as she loved them so much. She still keeps a few in her room!
No, not really. Was never into them or dolls as a kid. My absolute pleasure was, and still is, books. I can still remember getting the Girl, Girl's Crystal and Schoolfriend Annuals as a child. Coming up to Christmas each year was so exciting just waiting to open the presents to find these books.
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