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Do you like fruit flavoured tea?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: PxHere

Do you like fruit flavoured tea?

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Top Answers
No, that is one of the few foods that I do not like!
I have bought several different flavours over the time, tried different brands even, however I always end up throwing them out.

I don't know what it is about them, but they have a strange taste and do not really taste like the fruit they are supposed to be.

I also do not like peppermint or chamomile tea, so always stick to my ordinary tea when I have tea - prefer coffee anyway apart from first thing in the morning when I have a black tea which I am sipping now!
by Finy
Over the years I would have bought many different kinds of fruit teas and I don't think I have ever finished one box off. Like Finy, I am not keen on peppermint or chamomile either and the worst thing I have ever tasted is fenugreek tea! I think that, being a Brit, I am just a black tea, no sugar, spot of milk girl, from birth. Our dear late Jules loved fruit teas and she would always tell me the best ones to get. I have a certain one in the pantry and will have a cup from time to time in her memory.
by Rice
No, not really. Occasionally I will have a rosehip tea when I visit my friends house. I really prefer black tea, but all the other teas are great for people who like variety. I do like peppermint tea. It is great for digestion, and my doctor recommended it after an operation I had. I suppose that it is what you are used to. Me, I am used to black tea. I have had it since I was a young child, and it is what I prefer.
Not really. I like loose leaf green tea, and sometimes herbal tea. But I find fruit flavoured tea taste weird.
Nope - I have tried to like it but I just can't get into it! Give me a regular tea with milk or a coffee anyway!
I like lemon and ginger tea
by AJ
NO, they always taste artificial and leave a bad aftertaste. I am a bit of a tea "freak" but mostly black tea leaves, sometimes with mild flavours added like vanilla and occasionally green tea....

Like Finy.. I have tried many, I want to like them.. but alas my taste buds just do not agree.
Love these teas, a lot.
I do not drink normal tea or coffee, since 1964?
Anyway, these teas a wonderful esp in winter, and just keep me very warm and cosy.
Lovely pot in your pic :-)
by Rice
no, I do not like fruit flavoured tea. tastless
like my everyday tea nice and hot

Yes I like fruit flavoured tea, any of them. We stayed with our youngest daughter over Christmas, & she gave me a big wooden box full of them, that she wasn't using, so now I have enough teabags to last me for years!!!
by Miro
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