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Do you like dark or milk chocolate?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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Do you get craving for chocolates? Which is your favourite flavour? Dark or Milk?

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Top Answers
I like dark, milk, and white chocolate, but when I get cravings for it, it is usually milk chocolate that is my favourite.
Definitely dark chocolate.
I love Lindt 70% cacoa.....aND it is healthy!
by Finy
I love milk chocolates, I am not a big fan of chocolates, so I don't get cravings.
My favourite is dark, especially Dark Velvet from Oxfam shops, but I like milk chocolate (preferably with a decent ammount of cocoa) and good quality white chocolate too.
Yes, I get chocolate cravings during a specific week every month, but it doesn't matter which type of chocolate because I love them all! Dark, milk, white chocolate blocks, or chocolate cakes, ice creams, mousse, puddings, cookies, anything chocolatey, really.
Milk chocolate. Sometimes dark to get rid of my chocophillic guilt
Milk chocolate, simply because it's not as overpowering, even though it's probably the less healthy option.
I love milk chocolate.
by Vee
Milk chocolate..!!
Dark ones seem bitter to me. I would prefer the milk ones.

I have to say I don't like either because I think I must have an allergy. Anytime I get near chocolate of whatever persuasion I seem to put on weight.
So I am guessing some kind of food intolerance??
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I like both milk and dark, but not white so much. When I've had too much sugar, I opt for a low sugar, high cocoa content dark chocolate.

I like dark in desserts and milk to just have a bite.
I love Dark chocolate
I LOVE Dark chocolate! However, I do like white chocolate in small amounts as Infind it quite sweet! The only milk chocolate I like is Toblerone. 😄
I only get cravings for chocolate when they're on special. I try not to buy them but some supermarket somewhere always has them on special... However, when I do purchase, Cadbury's plain milk chocolate is my favourite. I request this instead of Easter Eggs if anyone's planning to buy me one... Just knowing there's one in the fridge or cupboard makes me happy so there's definitely happy hormones attached to chocolate! I know dark is healthier but not really a fan. I'll eat milk chocolate if I'm desperate....
Milk definitely!! I really don't like dark chocolate. I am a total sweet tooth and the best chocolate is actually white chocolate.
I've heard white chocolate is basically just sugar. Unfortunately I still find it very tasty!

Dark chocolate has a lot more variety and it's for this reason that I prefer it.
I like dark chocolate over milk chocolate, but I don't mind either in desserts, like cakes.
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