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Do you like chocolate that has a filling inside it?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like chocolate that has a soft centre or filling inside it?

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Top Answers
I don generally like these types of chocolate.

I definitely do not like those with liquer in them and cannot eat them.

I also mostly do not like those with soft centres as they are usually way too sweet.

The only exception is Lindt SOME of which are OK -also the flavoured chocolate are also OK or I love filled with dried apricots and things like that which are not sickly sweet.
by Finy
Finy, Aldi's have a lovely DARK chocolate with MARZIPAN inside, but you may already know about that 1!
by Miro
Do I like Chocolate with filling....absolutely I do!

Except those easter eggs, that have that white and yellow stuff inside.

Then I draw the line........way tooooo sweet!
Oh yuk, that white and yellow gunk is disgusting. Less sugar and a bit more of some kind of flavour might possibly improve the centre, but not for me.
by Rice
I'm hearing ya....LOL !
by jonaja
Totally agree! that yellow-white fake egg filling is truly revolting!
by delbr
Yes it is ;)
by jonaja
I like most chocolate but not Mint filled ones at all!!! I also am a fan of fruit which is covered with dark chocolate,whether dries fruit,or fresh such as strawberries! A favourite from my childhood is Dark Chocolate covered Orange Peel!! Oh! Just the thought is enough to start me salivating!!! I do not like sickly sweet fillings such as those found in Snack,but like Finy,I adore Lindt Lindor balls!!! Aaaah! Chocolate!!! One of life's real pleasures!!!
Sugar filled chocolate - does life get any better?!
Not much, lizzi, not much :-))
by Rice
I like most chocolate with a soft centre or filling inside. I don't like cadbury's creme eggs though.
by AJ
It depends on the type of fillings, some can be quite sickly.
Plus I do not like centres that have coffee flavours.
I like orange centres, marzipan, strawberry, peanut flavoured centres.


oh, I forgot my favourite -MARZIPAN!! How could I possibly do that!
by Finy
Hard caramel filling inside chocolate
Love them!

Any filling EXCEPT Caramel or Marzipan!
But their choc covering MUST be DARK!

Lindt are now doing REALLY Dark Choc balls, but are very difficult to get, considering it's supposed to be good for you!

My TOP filling I love is Turkish Delight, but it doesn't come with dark chocolate! Shame!
Yes. I just love chocolate and I will take it any way I can get it. There are some flavoured centres that I don't like, but not many. I don't like Turkish delight but most others are okay.
I like caramel and nougatine.
by Gia
Love most dark chocolate but my very fave is Haighs dark chocolate nougat - Bliss!!
Yum yum yum!
Love that caramel.
Especially love coconut soft centre!
I love marzipan, turkish delight and caramello and I don't eat dark chocolate. I don't like cadbury's creme eggs nor do I like coffee centres in chocolate.
by Rice
(and I am only living vicariously through you all, as I can't eat chocolate any more - Jules is eating my share)
by Rice
If you can eat chocolate try carob as its more healthy
by oldie
I love chocolate with a filling I love chocolate without a filling. I just love chocolate. Really depends on the filling. I hate turkish delight and what is with all this salted caramel nonsense? Apart from those and coffee fillings, I love most.
I love Raspberry filling, but it is ultra difficult to find and is usually burried in strong dark chocolate that overpowers the wonderful Raspberry flavour. So I nibble a hole, lick out the Raspberry & throw the chocolate away!
I love MINT, too, but that is also in dark chocolate now.
Chocolate makers claim dark chocolate enhances filling flavours - I disagree totally!

Where has all the Strawberry filling gone?
No-one seems to make it anymore :-(

Aussie chocolate is being systematically ruined by greedy makers adding tonnes of broken biscuits as a super cheap filler so that they use less chocolate, but still charge the same price.

The Aussie Snack chocolate block is almost unrecognisable these days - smaller and missing popular filling flavours.
We really love all types of chocolate ,our favorites are Carob or Greecian delight which have almonds in a Turkish delight
Thanks for reminding me about carob :-))
by Rice
Dear Rice, Thanks for your reply

Carob really is the oldest form of Chocolate, and the taste is marvelous
by oldie
Yes of course, some fillings actually make the chocolates and become a favourite.
I love orange flavoured centres others are mint,raspberry and Turkish delight.
Not a fan of coffee, perhaps make a tea flavoured centre (only joking).
I love the assorted trays that are sold.
In our house it seems the coffee flavoured are always left in the tray.
Yes, as long as it's DARK chocolate with filling inside!
by Miro
Much later: I found a box of Cherry Liqueurs, coated in dark chocolate recently, so I had to buy those to try them out. I wish could give all you dark chocolate lovers 1!
by Miro
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