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Do you like acquaintances giving you hugs?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you like acquaintances giving you hugs?

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Top Answers
It all depends on the acquaintance.
Mostly I would not give a hug to an acquaintance, however it must appear that I am not the huggy type as someone said to me the other day -you don't like hugs, do you.

So assume I give off that vibe -it is not intentional and I think often hugs from acquaintances are false.
by Finy
Someone said the exact same thing to me a few years ago that "I am not a huggy kind of person". It's not that I don't like hugs - I just don't like false hugs.
by AJ
Had that comment too . Not nice to hear. Tactless, personal, judgmental. It was the air kissing really put me off.
by aodon
I am with you. I don't like the falseness of hugging or kissing strangers. A genuine hug from a stranger is okay. My friends know I am not a huggie type and I appreciate if a stranger is perceptive enough to realise this too.
by annfi
For a world that in my eyes has more problems from day to day! people are giving hugs left ...right...& centre.

Back in the 50's 60's it was not done much, even 70's etc.
Last say 10 years, it has become more popular.I think there is more to it, than we really may think.

People I feel need to make a connection, and of course handshakes are now not used with friends as they use to be (men), so hugs are in.

What about the guy who was giving away ''free hugs''.

That was one sweet idea.

I will hug maybe after 3 times of a new acquaintance...life is too short.

I have even hugged a sister of a very dear friend of mine, who I met one day, ''after'' we all had lunch, and were saying goodbye.

She was a real sweetheart, and I gave her a hug and wished her well.

Hugs can make us more human, and I would have Loved one from the guy giving them away free!!

It's a really heart warming sight, to me.

great attitude I must agree!
by brigi
by jonaja
I often have this awkward moment with friends where I'm not sure whether we're "hugging friends" or not. I'd rather it were just friends and family that hug, not acquaintences.
Hugs are the domain of genuine close friends, NOT acquaintances,as far as I am concerned!! They remind me of false 'Air Kisses' that people seem to give so freely!! I am a very private person and sometimes I do not even want hugs from some who I do consider to be friends,but not CLOSE ones!!! Not for me ,Sorry!!!
I agree. Well said Jules.
by annfi
If I feel a connection with someone - or want to feel a connection with someone - I might offer a hug. It is really dependent on the person and the circumstances. I do value my personal space though and hate people randomly trying to come in for a hug.
I enjoy hugs, so, most of the time, yes.
by Vee
BIG HUG O O O lol :)
by jonaja
LOL! To you too jonaj! OO
by Vee
I have a thrift store and am a Big Hugger--I must give off an aura that says "I need Hugs, & I Love hugs!" After 5 years in the store, I get hugs from 80% of my Repeat Customers.! Most of them have become friends, giving me lots of donations and buying lots too.
Never ever make a determination about another's personality based on appearance! Just by asking a simple question or giving a sincere compliment and a smile, I find that most folks open right up, If they don't, so what--it's their LOSS!
Im like you two. I have to say that it seems like you in your thrift shop and me just walking around obviously with an invisible sign on me that says, talk to me, I will listen, you can unload and you can have a hug if you want it'

I have decided that there are people who 'give off' a friendly vibe. It has to be that plus its all to do with your walk, your facial expression, your body language and all those unforeseen things you give off ... included in this is negativity too.
I am of the belief that there are just so many lonely and giving people who would love to be hugged or even acknowledge because of they live alone, might be totally flying solo and all kinds of reasons People men and women , kids and dogs all of them of any age will start a conversation with me. Sometimes i might for whatever reason.
The people who stop and speak, not all but lots just would like to connect. The often tell me that sometimes a stranger wont give them the time of day or an answer or a huh? oh yes or there or short quick answers. Which can be fine but sometimes esp for me in a supermarket or the local huge shopping centre, they stop me and start speaking to me.
I have hugged thousands I guess. I have hugged a tramp in the UK and he happened to be quite wealthy but shunned that lifestyle. HE was I think if I remember a Lord. I have hugged a man who cried after he complimented me and told me why he did. After I hugged him for being so kind and he cried b/c my hug reminded him of his wife who had passed 20 years prior and he hadnt had a hug like that ever other than his wife.
So many prefer to be standoffish............ how can you? its a bit like being detached. I have met the most amazing beautiful men, women, kids and dogs and its a snap on the scheme of our daily grind and that one hug could make or break another who might....just might be contemplating something serious and needed a hug so they feel worthwhile or to allow them to 'speak' to unload something very serious to them in their world that its just too much.
They have thanked me and ' Blessed me' if you will for listening to them. I have never met them again anywhere but I know that when this does happen, I have made their day as they have made mine b/c I have helped someone over a hump in their lives. Hugs are wonderful oh and btw if I didnt give a hug, I would probably die of waiting for one b/c I hear from people I know or over hear people saying... ' OH no!!! I dont hug anymore... I dont like them!' What a sad blight on society.

Its an emotion and if meant and comes from the honest part of us to another, it can heal so many broken parts in our body. Emotions, Heart, Warmth, Physical as in touching and the brilliance of exchanges in energy. For the right reasons that is.
Try it, you will like it and dont freeze up as you might discover a new friend.
You never know.:)
by summer
Love it, always have done, I dislike the present time when everyone is scared to touch anyone else in case of sexual harassment. Strega
I'd happily settle for a handshake. For me hugging is an intimate activity reserved for family and very close friends.

I think it is becoming the 'done thing' and I find it uncomfortable, particularly in the workplace. I dislike even more than the hug itself, the attitude that there is something wrong with me if I donlt embrace this (superficial) display of affection.

The worse situation I ever had was a staff member who was very free with hugs which they saw as something nice and which as her manager i received so many complaints about I had to formally address the issue. Very unpleasant.

Jeebus I would hate to have been in that position. I had to tell a workmate on one dreadful occasion, that it was preferred that she didn't call everyone "darling".
I wasn't in charge of the office, but I was sick and tired of the staff moaning (behind her back) about her choice of address. She told me that they should appreciate her calling them "darling" because what she really wanted to refer to them as was quite unprintable here, and quite frankly anywhere public. Never again.
by fran.
I don't like giving hugs to people I don't really know and it makes me feel uncomfortable when I know I am getting a false hug. I hug all those that are dear to me. I have had people say to me that I don't like hugs. It's not true that I don't like hugs, I just don't like the fake kind.
by AJ
I wouldn't like a hug from an acquaintance, would feel a bit put upon but a friend... yes I am that type of person but intuitive as to which friends are also like this...
by fran
I'm with Jennifer Muirhead on this one.
No, its creepy, I give and receive hugs from friends and family, but acquaintances, yuk
by cbt
I only hug people I like, so don't hug acquaintances until they become friends, In the scheme of things hugging people is a good thing!
I personally don't like hugging but I really can't bear the kissing thing that is so popular at the moment and......the crying over all sorts of situations that have nothing to do with the people doing the crying (at work, on TV absolutely everywhere) and it isn't just women, it's men too. The crying these people do doesn't do anything for me, I tend to see them as just about as fair dinkum as a $3 note.
Yes, Fran, with you with the 'kissing' thing! Men, in particular, on Sports field, everywhere! Yuk!
by donjo
No I'm not a fan.
Depends purely on who the acquaintance is, how long I've known that person & in what circumstance.

Hug my family & close friends' willingly.

Am relatively private person, & as such, very mindful re: hugs. There are those am happy to give/receive, but there're others' I'd much prefer not!
I like havinng the choice of who comes into my closest personal space. I was abused as a child and I think this is the result.
I will hug strangers rather than make a scene, but I don't usually like it. The fake kissing is even worse. Fortunately my closest friends understand this about me and are gentle coming into my personal space.
Isn't it just so awful how the 'celebrity scene' seems so 'real' to many people who happily imitate their idols' behaviour, not having any concern for how we as real people with real feelings, might actually intensely dislike this hugging and kissing 'thing' as I call it!! And it IS just a THING!!! We see the hugging everywhere we look, so it seems to me, and I truly feel it is a very personal thing which is somewhat of an honour which we may bestow on only the ones we feel comfortable with! I am with you ALL the way with your reply here!!!
by Jules
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