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Do you leave a light on during the night?

by Vee (follow)
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We leave a light on in our kitchen, just in case one of us has to wander around during the night.

Do you leave a light on during the night?

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Top Answers
We leave the hallway light on in case one of the kids wakes up and needs to use the bathroom. It's a low wattage globe and much easier than having to be woken up to turn the light on so they can find their way.
Yes. We have a nightlight in the kids' room so I can see if I need to go in to them in the night, and one in the bathroom in case anyone needs to use it in the night.
After a house fire, and unable to find my way out....we always do from now on.
Not usually, although I will sometimes when I'm travelling or staying somewhere unfamiliar.
No, we turn all the lights off when we go to bed. The only exception is when my grandparents come to visit. On those occasions we leave the landing light on so they can see where they are going if they need to go to the bathroom. Once my nana fell down the stairs during the night on a stay with us, so we now make sure that light is left on.
I cant sleep properly, if the light is on.
Absolutely not. I need total darkness and total quiet in order to sleep.
No way - if I need a light in the middle of the night, I reach for my phone by my bed, or fumble around until I find the main switch. The occasional bump to the shin is worth the saving in electricity!
Not at all. Instead I cannot sleep if the lights are on
No, the darker the better, but I do keep my cellphone next to me at night to use as a light in case of emergencies.
No, I can't get a good sleep if there is light shining in the room.
No I don't and I have no trouble moving around in the dark until I locate the light.
No I prefer not too but the kids have night lights
Yes we leave the kitchen light on during the night. Some of the light enters our room as well but we don't mind. Makes it easy to keep an eye on the little ones if need be.
No, I could not sleep if the light was on -it would annoy me -I have an alarm system, and two dogs in my room so I do not need to leave a light on.

Also i live in a house that is quite close to the street and there is a street light outside my house, so even though I have double blinds in my bedroom, it is not really so dark in there.
by Finy
Just the bathroom light, everything else is switched off.
No prefer lights out sleeps...
by Zen
Yes. That way we can see well enough to help the kids if they need it and to get to the bathroom.
Not now. When kids were little, used to leave 'Loo light on.

I've a torch beside me & mobile 'phone, so don't need light.

Besides, I have to be in total darkness to get to, & stay, asleep.
This is weird at my age . . . . having always preferred a nice dark room for sleeping, I have, over the last year or so used a night light. This is because I have had a few really horrific nightmares where I couldn't even move, let alone get to the bedside light. I have a subtle blue night light in my ensuite, so it is not too intrusive but it really helps if I get the heebie jeebies. This period is also when I fell in love with my iPod for talking books - very soothing at night :-)
by Rice
Definitely not. I can't sleep with light showing anywhere. If I have to get up during the night I do so without switching any lights on.
No, we never leave a light on, just for the 2 of us. The hall light turns its self on, when 1 enters the hallway. I don't like wandering around during the night, as I like to sleep, but when I wake up to use the loo, I turn on my bedside light, & then go & fetch my laptop from another room, & the hall sensor light comes on, so I'm not stumbling about in the dark.
by Miro
Why? Isn't it more entertaining listening to people stumble around smashing into things..? . ;-)
by kimp
kimp, you ARE cheeky! Just last night I smashed two of my toes, stumbling around in the dark. I would have bet they were broken. They STILL hurt, and it has been more than twelve hours. Surprisingly, they are not bruised.
by Vee
Yeah I hear you Vee. Happens far too often in our house - my daughter still hasn't learnt how to keep her stuff in one room. While my aching toes aren't much of a bother to my daughter, her broken toys are, so you'd think she'd have worked it out by now, but apparently not... Guess that's one the things you have to get used to with some special needs kids...
by kimp
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