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Do you know of any remedies for morning sickness?

by Vee (follow)
Pregnancy (26)      Morning sickness (2)      Hyperemesis Gravidarum (1)     

pregnant belly button
Image by Inferis - http://www.flickr.com/photos/inferis/98747420/, via Wikimedia Commons

If you're one of the lucky ones, morning sickness will barely touch you. If you're among the unlucky ones, morning sickness can be with you around the clock.

Do you know of any remedies for morning sickness?

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#Hyperemesis Gravidarum
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Top Answers
I have no idea about any natural remedies, as I never suffered from it. I suppose those who were affected would have asked about or researched this. Mothers groups and maternal health nurse would be able to advise on this also. Maybe herbal teas? Vitamins or herbs? Ask a professional or Google it.
My sister's doctor told her to eat a small piece of cheese as it was protein that the body was asking for. Mine didn't last terribly long so I never really used anything. I feel so sorry for the poor girls who are sick throughout their pregnancies.

by Rice
I don't have a clue what works well overall. Some remedies work well for some women while makes things worst for others.
A look on Google can be a good help. :)
My GP suggested nibbling crackers slowly to settle my stomach, though I didn't have a lot of trouble with morning sickness anyway. I've heard some people drink ginger tea for it. I notice the question is tagged "hyperemesis Gravidarum". That's not morning sickness, it's way more serious, and might need medication or even hospitalisation.
Yeah, like Princess Kate, with both pregnancies' so far.
by donjo
abstanance. that's a joke, people. I have nothing
I suffered for almost the entire time during my second pregnancy but not so much with the first. I found the only way to overcome it was to stay in bed all day. My husband would leave me some dry sao biscuits and water until he came home and cooked dinner with the bedroom door closed. This way no smells could set me off. Mum would come down from the Central Coast and stay a couple of weeks to give hubby a break. My stainless steel sink was spotless and shiny but I couldn't walk out into the kitchen and look at it without heaving so eventually I was hospitalised and that helped until I had the baby.
Oh! helga, what a dreadful experience for you!
Amazing what women go through, for the 'next generation'!
by donjo
Nope! past all that!
by Finy
Vitamin B6 tablets with ginger and protein rich diet helped me a lot. Some people swear by ginger tea as well. But if you have something like Hyperemesis gravidarum, none of these can help ! In that case, one definitely needs a doctor's help.
by BK
If you're going to get full blown hyperemisis there's no cure for that, it's HORRIBLE. I had it with my first and it's a wonder I'm still here I tell you. I started pregnancy at 50kg, and 12w later I was 38kg ..... and the hospital sent me home and told me to drink more water.
:-| I'm sorry to hear that, meggf. But I am generally glad to hear from you. Where have you been? Or have I not been paying attention?
by Vee
I've been busy working on the new WW! It's coming alive now :D
by meggf
Very exciting! Congratulations! :-D
by Vee
Don't get pregnant is the logical answer!

I was one of those fortunate enough NOT to get 'morning sickness', with either of my pregnancies'.

BUT, for the First Trimester, I couldn't look at, smell, prepare, cook, eat RED Meat!
I couldn't even walk past a Butcher shop, or Meat Section, in Woolies'!

So much chook, & fish was eaten by me during that time! Once the three months' was up, I was fine, & back to enjoying a steak, or Roast, thank goodness!
I had crazy morning/afternoon/evening sickness! Once I was interviewing an elderly business woman for an article. she watched me while I was struggling to take notes while running to the toilet ever so often. She mixed coke and water and got me to drink it. It did help with the morning sickness and I finished off the interview uninterrupted there after.
The best thing that got me through each time was soda crackers and gingerale. The soda crackers will also help with heartburn. I had morning sickness for more than seven months with each of little ones, good luck.
Peppermint tea is an old home remedy for nausea and tummy upsets, and would probably help with morning sickness as well.
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